What is a Sponsored Program?

What IS a Sponsored Program?

A sponsored program is a Florida SouthWestern State College activity supported by an outside organization. Sponsored programs consists of funded projects covering a range of activities including research, teaching, training, and services.

The project may be supported by a number of different sponsors, such as federal agencies, state agencies, private foundations, corporate or industry, or non-profit organizations. Sponsored project activities may be identified as a grant, contract, sub-grant/subcontract/sub-award, cooperative agreement, memorandum of understanding, fellowship, grant-in-aid, etc. The overall indicator that an activity is a sponsored project is that the sponsor provides support for a specific activity, and the activity delivers something back to the sponsor.

All applications from FSW for Sponsored Programs must be submitted through
the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research.

What is NOT a Sponsored Program

Some types of activities are not sponsored projects and do not require proposals to be submitted through the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research. Some examples include gifts, editor or scientific association publication, and internships.

Gifts are defined as cash donations other than an endowment, with no legal consideration imposed by the donor, i.e., nothing is expected by the donor in return for the gift. The FSW Foundation oversees the appropriate accounts for gifts and such funds are spent in accordance with College regulations and the stipulations of the donor and must not be overdrawn. A gift may be unrestricted or restricted as to use.

Editor or Scientific Association Publications are usually agreements to pay for a clerical person, telephone, office expenses, and other costs associated with an FSW faculty member agreeing to be the managing editor of a scholarly publication. This is typically for 1-3 years. The association reimburses for full costs (salary and/or other costs). The Office of Financial Services oversees appropriate accounts for Editorships.

Internships are typically where a company pays students directly for their work in an internship, or processes a ‘scholarship’ on the student’s account through Financial Aid.