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Research Reassign Time

Full-time faculty with robust research agendas have the option to be reassigned 2 course sections, up to a maximum of eight (8) hours, in order to conduct research and scholarly activity. Reassigned time has an expected equivalent workload in research and scholarly activity. Faculty who are on this pathway will be evaluated on their scholarly productivity and quality during annual and comprehensive evaluation. Faculty who accept reassigned time for research are limited to overloads of one course section up to four (4) hours maximum, whichever is greater, per semester (Fall and Spring).

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

Position Decision Timeline: Names will be forwarded to the Provost by March 1. The Provost will forward a final recommendation to the College President by March 15. The President will take the recommendation to the Board of Trustee's for review/approval at the April Board meeting. Upon selection, the faculty member will meet with the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness to develop a goals form, including specific benchmarks for the coming year.

Renewal: Research reassignment may be renewed on an annual basis dependent upon the faculty member's progress on the goals for the research or scholarly activity. Each year the faculty member will prepare a report that outlines their progress and will submit a copy of the report to the Academic Dean/Supervising Administrator and the ad-hoc committee. The ad-hoc committee and the Academic Dean/Supervising Administrator will make recommendations for continuation for another year to the Provost.

Reassigned Time Positions: Up to three (3) full-time faculty members, in an academic year, may be granted reassignment time for research and scholarly activity through the College President's recommendation and the Board's approval in any one (1) year providing suitable replacements can be found.

External Grants Requiring Funding Reassigned Time: Faculty who win external grants that require reassigned time not paid for by the college will use a "buyout" formula. This will be the faculty member's base salary divided by 30 multiplied by the number of credits for each course.

Condition: The College's policies on intellectual property rights and educational work products apply to all persons on reassigned time for research to the same degree as to other employees of the college.

Application, Deadline, & Contact Information

Deadline for application for the upcoming academic year is always January 15th with the exception of year one (2020) which is February 15th. Applications should be submitted to the Sabbatical Committee by way of the Asst. VP of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness ().

Click here to download the Research Reassign Time Application (PDF)