Research Reassign Time

Full-time faculty with robust research agendas may be considered for reassigned time up to a maximum of six (6) institutional load hours, in order to conduct research and scholarly activity. Reassigned time has an expected equivalent workload in research and scholarly activity. Faculty who are provided reassigned time for research and scholarly activity will be evaluated on their scholarly productivity and quality annually by the Dean/Supervising Administrator prior to potential granting of renewal of reassigned time for research and scholarly activity. Faculty who accept reassigned time for research and scholarly activity are limited to overloads of no more than one course section up to four (4) hours maximum of four (4) instructional load hours, per semester (Fall and Spring). A maximum of seven (7) full-time faculty members, new and renewed (see 8.11.2) - may be awarded research reassigned time in any academic year. Faculty currently on research reassigned time may apply for renewal each year. Renewal may be granted subject to approval from the committee, academic deans, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Application, Deadline, & Contact Information

Deadline for application for the upcoming academic year is always January 15th. Deadline for Research Reassign renewal is also January 15th. A request for documentation and evidence in support of your renewal is sent out by the Office of Sponsored Programs on November 1 leading up to the deadline (A copy of the renewal request can be viewed here). Applications should be submitted for review by committee through the Asst. VP of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness (Dr. Joseph F. van Gaalen).