Florida SouthWestern State College supports a sabbatical to full-time faculty who have met specific criteria and requirements in an effort to support and promote faculty who wish to pursue extended professional development. The program is intended to support research or other pursuits worthy of publication, continued education, expansion of professional skills, or international opportunities for research or teaching.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

To be eligible for Sabbatical, a faculty member must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete one (1) year on continuing contract.
  2. Have completed five (5) or more years of full-time continuous employment at the college as of the starting date of the requested sabbatical.
  3. Have not taken a sabbatical within the past eight (8) year period that ends as of the starting date of the requested sabbatical.
  4. Not enrolled in a deferred retirement option (DROP).

While on sabbatical, the faculty member:

  1. Shall receive salary at the rate of 100% of the faculty member’s regular salary prorated by the length of the sabbatical awarded for one (1) semester and 50% of the faculty member’s regular salary for two semesters.
  2. Shall receive continuation of all current College paid benefits including, but not limited to health and other insurance, retirement annuities, and payroll deductions.

Sabbaticals may be awarded for a Fall or Spring semester (one semester) or Fall and Spring semesters (one year).

Within one semester (fall or spring) following the completion of the sabbatical, the faculty member will submit a written report to the VPAA and Sabbatical Committee (via the Asst. VP of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness). The report should contain an evaluation of the success of the sabbatical in achieving the objectives described in the application. The VPAA may request that the faculty member also do a formal oral presentation for other faculty and members of the College community.

Application, Deadline, & Contact Information

Deadline for application for the upcoming academic year is always the 2nd Friday in February. Applications should be submitted to the Sabbatical Committee by way of the Asst. VP of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness (Dr. Joseph F. van Gaalen).

Click here to download the Faculty Sabbatical Application.