ARC Grant Recipients Academic Year 2023-2024

Faculty Member Subject Award Date Proposal Name
M. Sauer Natural Science Nov 2023 Phytoplankton Absorption Variability and Its Contribution to Total Light Absorption in SW Florida Coastal Waters
J. Donini Biology Nov 2023 Continued monitoring of freshwater turtle and large mammal populations in Caribbean Costa Rica as part of a long-term plan for student study abroad research opportunities
A. Herren Library Nov 2023 Exploring information literacy instruction and curriculum integration
A. Zirzow Biological Sciences July 2023 Antifungal activity of phytochemicals extracted from Florida plant species
M. Witty Microbiology July 2023 Preparative scale chromatography of bilirubin
M. Mompoint Humanities July 2023 Florida heritage project and broadcasting hope in media podcast series
G. Anzalone Anatomy & Physiology July 2023 POGIL in the microbiology lab for using PCR & gel electrophoresis