Board of Directors

Executive Committee: Officers & At Large


Tammy Surratt, District Chairman
Bruce Schultz, District Vice Chairman
Marcia Hobe, District Treasurer
Jim Nolan Jr., District Secretary
Board of Trustees Liaison Designee (TBD)
Carey Soud, Hendry/Glades County
Gordon Watson, Collier County



Jeffery S. Allbritten - President, Florida SouthWestern State College



Chris Cunningham, Board of Trustees Designee
Randy Brock, Collier County
Dorothy Fitzgerald, Lee County
Carl Grissom, Lee County
Alan Hilfiker, Collier County
Mary Lee Mann, Lee County
Paula Malone, Collier County
Richard Penix, Collier County
Deborah Stewart, Collier County
Robert Mandraccia, Lee County
Sue McGrogan, Collier County

Honorary Lifetime Directors


Craig R. Folk, Lee County
Ann K. Gateff, Charlotte County
Susan C. Kyle, Lee County
Beverly McNew, Lee County
John T. Seaman Jr., Lee County
Madeleine Taeni, Lee County
Lynne Taylor, Lee County
Bruce Schultz, Lee County

FSW Foundation Board Code of Ethics Policy