D2G: Creating a Guided Path for Every Student


  • Dr. Eileen DeLuca, Provost
  • Dr. Michele Yovanovich, Vice President, Student Affairs

In alignment with FSW’s Strategic Directions, the mission of Dedicate to Graduate (D2G) is to focus the efforts of all college programs and activities towards providing educational access to our region and keeping students on path from enrollment to degree and credential attainment. These efforts will support transfer and attainment of jobs with value in the labor market—and will achieve equity in those outcomes

FSW Strategic Directions

  1. Expand educational access.
  2. Advance a world-class educational experience.
  3. Innovate online and distance education.
  4. Prepare students for a globally competitive workforce.
  5. Create a culture focused on inclusion and continuous improvement.

Four Pillars of D2G: Creating a Guided Path for Every Student

  • Clarify the Path
  • Help Students Get on a Path
  • Help Students Stay on Their Path
  • Ensure Students are Learning

Outcomes of our Efforts

  • Increased persistence and completion rates.
  • Improved achievement of student academic and career goals as demonstrated through credential acquisition.
  • Enhanced processes and procedures that can be assessed, improved and replicated by the College.
  • Well-developed cross-departmental teams together to enhance a sense of community responsibility for the student experience.
  • Documented measures and reporting tied into the College’s Effectiveness Plans.

Sustainable Pathways Strategy Team

  • Dr. Eileen DeLuca, Provost
  • Dr. Michele Yovanovich, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Tobias Discenza, Assistant Vice President, Budget and Financial Planning
  • Jason Dudley, Vice President, Information Technology and CIO
  • Dr. Roz Jester, Assistant Vice Provost, Online Learning
  • Dr. Martin McClinton, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Joe Van Gaalen, Assistant Vice President, AASPIRE
Ad hoc
  • Mat Mason, Director, Facilities Management and Construction
  • Whitney Rhyne, Director, Strategic Initiatives
  • JR Sherman, Director, Facilities Planning and Space Management

To develop a comprehensive multi-year enrollment plan and retention targets that includes all programs and campuses and is supported through facilities planning, IT priorities, and strategic budget development.

Guided Pathways Navigation Team

  • Dr. Christy Gilfert, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services
  • Dr. Deb Teed, Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Eileen DeLuca, Provost
  • Dr. April Fleming, Dean, School of Education
  • Andrae Jones, Director, Student Affairs
  • Dr. Ashley Kuhn, Associate Director, Academic Advising
  • Dr. Brian Page, Associate Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • Dr. April Palmer, Assistant Vice President, Student Success
  • Dr. Michele Yovanovich, Vice President, Student Affairs

CHAMPIONS: Guided Pathways Implementation Team

Faculty and staff members will work together to bring our pathways to life for our students. Faculty and staff who have a passion to help our students succeed and a desire to help our students explore their interests, goals, and career opportunities will co-chair each of our 10 Academic and Career Pathways. These co-chairs provide leadership in helping design and execute ideas and programing to assist students with choosing their path and staying on their path. Our co-chairs, are also CHAMPIONS of their pathway and spend time sharing their pathways passion with our FSW community to generate awareness and buy-in.

  • Jennifer Baker, Associate Dean, School of Business & Technology
  • Cassie Billian, Student Success Advisor II, School of Health Professions
  • Dr. Wendy Chase, Professor, Humanities
  • Cristy Clark, Program Director, Human Services
  • Camille Drake-Brassfield, Professor, Psychology
  • Juan Ginarte, Professor, Economics
  • Sarah Hamula, Student Success Advisor II, School of Health Professions, Nursing
  • Ivy Hernandez, Instructional Assistant
  • Dr. Matthew Hoffman, Professor, Paralegal Studies & Business
  • Joanna Liebelt, Student Success Advisor II
  • John Montoya, Professor, Architecture/Construction Technology
  • Dr. Brian O'Reilly, Professor, Criminal Justice
  • David Piro, Professor, Computer Science
  • Dana Roes, Professor, Art
  • Dr. Kelly Roy, Professor and Coordinator, Early Childhood Education
  • Jessica Slisher, Professor, Biology
  • Dr. Jennifer Summary, Professor, Communication Studies
  • Dr. Roger Webster, Professor, Computer Science
  • Dr. Ryan Wurst, Professor, Digital Arts