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Community and family are foundational aspects of FSWC-Lee. Without these two components, our high school would not be where it is today. The Florida State College family provides our students a level of resources and opportunities through their campus library, writing and tutoring center, and access to the on-line resource JSTOR that connects all of our students to every college library in the state of Florida.

Our partnerships with Tanglewood Elementary school, Imaginarium Science Center, Soaring Sky, and several other businesses in the Fort Myers area allows our students to be exposed to real world situations. Our students have to learn how to communicate, write, and engage with adults in order to partner with them for different events. For example, Stems and Petals is an organization that pairs up our high school females with younger students from Tanglewood Elementary that creates a partnership that encourages business entrepreneurship amongst other skills.

Faculty members always encourage our students to pursue further education and training and frequently lead by staying up to date with new technology and certifications. Several of our teachers have or are currently pursuing their Masters or Doctorates in their chosen fields.

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Dr. Botts with Community Partner Dr. Botts with Community Partner

FSWC – Lee encourages our students and teachers to actively get involved with the community. Every year our school becomes involved in the STEM challenge that provides ample opportunity for our school to partner with local businesses in the area that support STEM education.

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The best teachers are also students who understand the importance of furthering their own education. Several of our teachers are earning either a Master’s or Doctorates degree in their current field, have attended professional development conferences, and have made use of the resources available on the FSW campus.

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Our students have a unique opportunity to be able to attend a high school that is located on a college campus. Through the dual enrollment opportunities, the volunteer experiences, and the STEM challenge; teachers and administrators at FSWC – Lee want their students to be well-rounded individuals who are capable of communicating effectively, thinking critically, and collaborating well with others to solve problems.

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