What is STEM?

Effectively embracing a school moto of “Work to Learn; Learn to Lead!!!” FSWC-Lee encourages all of our students to constantly improve their ideas and projects as part of the teaching and learning process. As you learn more about FSWC - Lee, you will find that many of the photos and video clips used throughout our website are student created and documented. This opportunity for students helps create a transparent environment where student work is used in an authentic context. It also provides a context for students to take crucial and incremental growth steps in their development of critical thinking, collaboration, and various modes of communication skills.

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STEM Learners+

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  • The STEM school/program supports non-traditional student participation through outreach to groups often underrepresented in STEM program areas.
  • Students work independently and collaboratively in an inquiry-based learning environment that encourages finding creative solutions to authentic and complex problems.
  • Students are empowered to personalize and self-direct their STEM learning experiences supported by STEM educators who facilitate their learning.
  • Students use technology resources to conduct research, demonstrate creative and critical thinking, and communicate and work collaboratively.
  • Students demonstrate their learning through performance-based assessments and express their conclusions through elaborated explanations of their thinking.

STEM Educators+

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  • The interdisciplinary problem-based curriculum includes a focus on real world applications.
  • STEM educators collaborate as an interdisciplinary team to plan, implement, and improve integrated STEM learning experiences.
  • STEM learning outcomes demonstrate students' STEM literacy necessary for the next level of STEM learning and for post-secondary and workforce readiness.
  • STEM teachers and leaders participate in a continuous program of STEM-specific professional learning.

STEM Experiences+

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  • Community, post-secondary, business/industry partners and/or familiares actively support and are engaged with teachers and students in the STEM program.
  • Students are supported in their STEM learning through adult-world connections and extended day opportunities.