Use of FSW Trademarks and Logos

Merchandise & Products

Auxiliary Services regulates the use of the College's name and all identifying marks, when placed on merchandise and products, regardless of whether the items are created for resale. The goal is to ensure the protection of the College's excellent reputation and maintain high standards of use.

Auxiliary Services works in conjunction with buyers, wholesalers, retailers and CLC in regards to the branding & merchandising of goods baring the FSW trademarks and logos. Auxiliary Services maintains a list of approved wholesalers and retailers for which FSW merchandise can be purchased.

Campus departments and student organizations frequently purchase merchandise displaying FSW symbols, logos, and marks. Since each of these is an extension of the Florida SouthWestern State College's image, there are standards for these items.

Examples of Merchandise & Products include but are not limited to:

  • Uniforms and other Apparel (shirts, hats, etc.)
  • Lapel Pins and Nursing Pins
  • Give-Away Items such as, t-shirts, stress balls, mugs, cups, etc.
  • Products to commemorate special occasions or events
  • Gift Items

Florida SouthWestern State College products can be made only by licensees who are under contract with CLC; the College's licensing agency. These licensees are familiar with the college's policies for use of the marks, have access to the latest artwork and color specifications, and can assist with designs that follow standards. They also carry appropriate liability insurance, submit graphics for approval, and pay royalties back to the college for use of the marks.

Ordering items from licensees registered with CLC is required, but it is also to a department or group's advantage to use these vendors. Officially licensed vendors are most familiar with how the marks should be used, can save areas time, money, and effort due to their expertise, and can help expedite approvals.

Web Use

FSW Web Services must approve the use of the College's trademarks and logos when used on official FSW websites. For use of the College's trademarks and logos on websites other than official FSW websites approval must be obtained from Auxiliary Services.

Print Media and Publications

The FSW Director, Communication and Public Information Officer, must approve the use of the names, trademarks, or logos of Florida SouthWestern State College for all uses other than for Merchandise and Products and Web Use for Official College websites. In addition, written authorization and copy approval must be obtained from Auxiliary Services. For more information email Auxiliary Services at . This includes any association which indicates support for FSW or any of its programs.

The use of the FSW names, trademarks, or logos is strictly prohibited when such use does or will imply endorsement by the College without proper approval in advance.

Examples of Print Media & Publication include materials such as:

  • Business Cards Letterhead, Notecards, Envelopes
  • Brochures and printed marketing materials
  • Flyers
  • Advertisements
  • Sponsorship Recognitions