How to Use the Academic & Career Pathways

Have you always wanted to be a teacher? Maybe you enjoy helping others? Do you love to write? Does working with technology interest you? Whatever you’re interested in, FSW can help you turn your interests into a career. Think about the things you like to do. What are you good at? 

Not sure? Take a free interest inventory, Career Coach, to help you identify interests to explore.

Which Academic and Career Pathways match your skills and interests? Find out more about the courses, faculty, degrees, and career opportunities by exploring the resources on the pathway’s webpage. Check out Guided Pathways events to meet with faculty and staff who are passionate about their pathway and sharing their expertise to help you find the degree that is right for you. It will be easy to spot the events related to your pathway – just look for your pathway’s symbol. You can explore one pathway or two or three if you have interests in multiple areas. 

Meet with your Student Success Advisor to choose the degree in your pathway that meets your transfer and/or career goals. Your advisor will also review your Program Map with you and help you navigate your educational journey. 

Your Program Map is your step-by-step guide to finishing your degree in a timely manner.

For the Associate in Arts (AA) degree, Program Maps list the courses you need to complete to earn your AA and be ready to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program.

For Associate in Science (AS), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees and certificate programs, Program Maps list the courses you need to complete to earn the degree and be ready to enter the workforce.

Completing your degree means you are ready to enter the workforce in your chosen field or to continue your education. Use our Career Services along the way to help you further explore career opportunities and find a job. Work with your Student Success Advisor to explore your transfer degree options and navigate enrollment processes.