Academic & Career Pathways

Academic & Career Pathways

FSW is dedicated to providing you the tools and assistance you need to graduate! Our 10 Academic & Career Pathways will help you choose the degree that is right for you and take the guesswork out of planning your courses.

What is an Academic & Career Pathway?

An Academic and Career Pathway is a set of degree and certificate programs in a career area. The degrees within a pathway share similar interests, skills, and transfer or employment opportunities. Pathways are like road maps; they help you navigate your education so you can arrive at your destination: a career.

How Do I Use Academic & Career Pathways?

  1. Think about your skills and interests. What topics and activities do you like?
  2. Explore the pathway that matches your interests by clicking the icon below.
  3. Choose a degree or certificate program and career goal in your pathway.
  4. Follow your Program Map to finish your degree or certificate.
  5. Start your career or transfer into a bachelor's degree program at FSW or a university!

Find out more about how to use Academic & Career Pathways or dive right in by selecting your area of interest below! ATTENTION High School Guidance Counselors: Click here to learn how Guided Pathways can help elevate your guidance counseling experience