Computing Technologies Pathway

Computing Technologies pathway.

Elevate Technology

Prepare to be the first line of defense against cyberattacks, learn to repair and maintain the latest technology, and train to be a cyber professional for the workforce of tomorrow.

The Computing Technologies Pathway takes information technology to the next level by preparing you to take on the ever-changing technological landscape.

"It's real world. It's not just sit down, read out of a book, and try to memorize stuff for a test. It's get in, get your hands dirty. It's tough, but it's doable." - Michael Esterline, Network Systems and Technology Student

A program in the Computing Technologies Pathway may be for you if you want to:

  • make a career out of learning new technologies
  • stay current with cutting edge and emerging technologies
  • learn to manage data, documents, and information
  • grow your skills in analyzing problems using logic and analysis while solving them with software tools
  • learn how to write code in several computer languages such as Python, C++, or Java
  • have a degree in a highly in-demand field for web development, software systems, mobile applications, data processing, cloud development, artificial intelligence, and much more
  • FSW Cyber Club
  • FSW Computer & Technology Club
  • Fall & Spring Hackathon
  • Rist Cyber Summer Camp
  • Conference Travel
  • Community Support

Explore the programs in this Pathway by selecting where you'd like your program to lead you.

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Transfer to a University or complete your bachelor's at FSW AA Transfer Pathways
Enter the workforce or pursue specialized bachelor's degrees Associate in Science (AS) Degree Programs
Enter the workforce or pursue advanced degrees Bachelor's (BAS or BS) Degree Programs
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AA Transfer Pathways

If you want to transfer to a University or complete your bachelor's at FSW, an Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored so you can transfer into any major in the State University System.

Software Engineering

Associate in Science (AS) Programs

If you want to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or have an interest in pursuing a specialized bachelor's degree program (like our Supervision & Management Bachelor's Degree Program), one of these two-year degree programs might be for you.

Computer Programming and Analysis

Cybersecurity Operations

Network Systems Technology

College Credit Certificate (CCC) Programs

If you want to enhance your skills for a specific job, this type of program might be for you. CCCs require fewer credits and they may apply to an associate degree.

Computer Programmer

Computer Programming Specialist

Information Technology Support Specialist

Network Enterprise Administration

Network Security

Bachelor of Science or Applied Science (BS or BAS) Programs

If you want to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or have an interest in pursuing advanced degrees (masters, doctorate), this four-year degree obtained by completing 60 hours of general education courses (usually an AA or an AS) followed by 60 hours of major specific coursework might be for you.

Information Systems Technology

Information Systems Technology, BAS

Did you know that any of the AS or AA programs in the Computing Technology Pathway can be the stepping stone to our bachelor's degree in Information Systems Technology? From programming to cybersecurity, the programs at FSW have you covered.

Customize your own path!

Our Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored to prepare you for ANY bachelor's degree program. Contact one of our champions for more information.

For questions about this Pathway, contact one of our Champions!

Dr. Kenneth Belcher

Professor, Information Systems Technology

Albert Nault

Coordinator, Retention and Student Success

Kendra MacGeorge

Financial Aid Operations Officer

Brandon Simpson

Manager, Technology Support Services

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