Business Pathway

Business pathway.

Elevate Your Career

Focus your coursework on your ultimate goal: landing a career in the field of business after graduation.

With courses ranging from accounting to entrepreneurship, programs in the Business pathway will provide career training and the option to transfer to a four-year institution or complete a bachelor's degree right here at FSW for additional training and education.

"You're never too young or too old to do something great."

- Guadalupe Lopez, FSW Supervision and Management Graduate, Co-Owner InTandem Builders

A program in the Business Pathway may be for you if you enjoy:

  • leadership, organizing people, planning activities, and working with numbers
  • an exciting day-to-day work life while giving back to your community
  • a degree path that opens countless opportunities
  • presenting projects and programs
  • projecting and presenting sales goals and budgets
  • analyzing economic trends
  • assisting in the hiring of employees
  • being analytical with good decision-making and customer service skills

Explore the programs in this Pathway by selecting where you'd like your program to lead you.

If You Want to...

Then You Should Explore...

Transfer to a University or complete your bachelor's at FSW AA Transfer Pathways
Enter the workforce or pursue specialized bachelor's degrees Associate in Science (AS) Degree Programs
Enter the workforce or pursue advanced degrees Bachelor's (BAS or BS) Degree Programs
Enhance skills for a specific job Certificate (CCC, ATC, PSAV) Programs

AA Transfer Pathways

If you want to transfer to a University or complete your bachelor's at FSW, an Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored so you can transfer into any major in the State University System.


Economics & Finance



Associate in Science (AS) Programs

If you want to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or have an interest in pursuing a specialized bachelor's degree program (like our Supervision & Management Bachelor's Degree Program), one of these two-year degree programs might be for you.

Accounting Technology

Business Administration & Management

Business Analytics

Supply Chain Management (New Fall 2024!)

College Credit Certificate (CCC) Programs

If you want to enhance your skills for a specific job, this type of program might be for you. CCCs require fewer credits and they may apply to an associate degree.

Accounting Technology Management

Business Development & Entrepreneurship

Financial Services Management

Logistics & Transportation Management (New Fall 2024)

Small Business Management 

Bachelor of Science or Applied Science (BS or BAS) Programs

If you want to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or have an interest in pursuing advanced degrees (masters, doctorate), this four-year degree obtained by completing 60 hours of general education courses (usually an AA or an AS) followed by 60 hours of major specific coursework might be for you.

Supervision & Management

Supervision & Management, BAS

Did you know that any of the AS or AA programs in the Business Pathway can be the stepping stone to our bachelor's degree in Supervision and Management? From business foundations to management, the programs at FSW have you covered.

Customize your own path!

Our Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored to prepare you for ANY bachelor's degree program. Contact one of our champions for more information.

For questions about this Pathway, contact one of our Champions!

Jennifer Baker

Associate Dean, School of Business & Technology

Jessica Barnett

Student Success Advisor II

Juan Ginarte

Professor, Economics

Christopher Renda

Coordinator, Retention and Student Success

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