Cybersecurity Operations

The Associate in Science (AS) in Cybersecurity Operations prepares students for further education and careers such as network defense analyst, network defense technician, cybersecurity analyst, or network security operator.

The content includes but is not limited to planning, installing, configuring, monitoring, troubleshooting, and managing computer networks in a LAN/WAN environment; ensuring computer and network security; applying network defense and countermeasures; and working in a security operations center. Students will be prepared to apply conceptual and theoretical knowledge to the workplace utilizing technical skills learned during the program.

This program is designed to help students obtain the skills needed to earn various industry-recognized certifications, including CompTIA A+, CompTIA Linux+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, EC-Council EDRP & E|CH, EC-Council C|ND, and EC-Council C|SA.

The program is designed for both full-time and part-time students. Courses are offered in an online and traditional formats to accommodate students’ varying schedules and learning preferences. 

Continuing Toward a Baccalaureate Degree

There are many opportunities for more advanced education. Graduates of the AS, Cybersecurity Operations Degree can matriculate into the BAS, Information Systems Technology Degree at Florida SouthWestern State College or can pursue Bachelor’s Degrees in computer science and information technology related areas at many colleges and universities located throughout the state and country.