$10K Degree Options

Tuition for four years at Florida SouthWestern State College—two pursuing an associate degree, followed by two pursuing a bachelor's degree—will typically cost approximately $15,000. This program gives eligible Florida resident students the opportunity to reduce their total tuition cost to $10,000.

Program Acceptance and Ongoing Requirements

Beginning fall 2019 all eligible students enrolled in one of the qualifying bachelor's degrees will be opted into the $10K degree program upon their initial acceptance into the degree. There are no forms or applications to fill out. In order to be eligible for the $10K degree program, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete either an Associate in Arts (AA) degree or an Associate in Science (AS) degree at Florida SouthWestern State College
  • Be accepted into, and maintain enrollment in, one of the qualifying bachelor's degrees: Cardiopulmonary Sciences or Public Safety Administration
  • Maintain Florida residency for tuition purposes for all semesters enrolled at FSW
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at point of graduation from the qualifying bachelor's degree
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year you are enrolled in the qualifying associate and bachelor's degrees
  • Complete the associate and bachelor's degrees within six years of declaring a qualifying associate degree major

Not all costs are covered:

  • Developmental credit and repeat courses, withdrawals, failures or credit hours taken outside the program of study are excluded and are the responsibility of the student.
  • Costs associated with special course fees, lab fees, textbooks, or associated costs are excluded and are the responsibility of the student.

Final Reconciliation

At the completion of your AA/AS and BS/BAS degrees, the College will determine if you have continuously met all of the eligibility requirements of the $10K degree program. If all requirements have been met, you will receive a refund on tuition payments over $10,000, after deducting any financial aid you received during your time at FSW. You will not be reimbursed for any of the uncovered costs mentioned above.

Calculations will be based on in-state tuition as posted here.

Degree Options

Start with an Associate Degree:

  • You can customize the Associate in Arts degree by choosing electives that fit the prerequisite requirements of your intended bachelor's degree major. OR
  • You can complete an Associate in Science degree that qualifies you for acceptance into your intended bachelor's degree as identified in the degree information below.

If you establish your career goals early, with the help of your FSW Student Success Advisor, you can tailor your associate degree choices to fit the bachelor's degree prerequisite criteria. Learn more about associate degree options on the Programs of Study page.

Cardiopulmonary Sciences

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Cardiopulmonary Sciences is a program designed for cardiovascular technologists and respiratory care professionals who want to advance their education. The program will provide cardiopulmonary professionals with a well-rounded general education in the arts and sciences as well as an advanced understanding in the Cardiopulmonary Sciences. The Cardiopulmonary Sciences BS provides career advancement for entry-level health profession practitioners. For more information and admission requirements, please visit the BS, Cardiopulmonary Sciences program page.

Public Safety Administration

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Public Safety Administration is designed to prepare individuals to be leaders and administrators in public safety related professions. Students enrolling in the program bring a variety of safety and security backgrounds to enrich the educational experience, including legal studies and law enforcement, corrections, fire science, and emergency medical services. The program provides a career and educational pathway for students who have earned an Associate in Science degree in a Public Safety discipline or an Associate in Arts with electives chosen from the Public Safety field. For more information and admission requirements, please visit the BAS, Public Safety Administration program page.

How to Keep on Track

The six-year cap gives students flexibility in completing both associate and bachelor's degrees at FSW, which typically takes about four years, or two years per degree. However, students are encouraged to take courses in the recommended sequence and meet with their Student Success Advisor often, in order to keep on track to a timely graduation.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Selective Admissions Specialist at 239-489-9054 or email admissions@fsw.edu.