Health Sciences Pathway

Health Sciences pathway.

Elevate Your Opportunity to

Save Lives

Save lives and build a rewarding career! From nursing to health information technology and coding, as a graduate of one of our Health Sciences programs, you will have a variety of employment opportunities in the healthcare field or be prepared to continue your education in health. Our graduates are in very high demand - high wages and career advancement opportunities await!

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"Emergency situations really get my adrenaline going and it gets me thinking from all angles. [Simulation day] sets the tone for what we do after graduation." - Daniela Richter, FSW Nursing Student

Our programs offer a diverse range of specialties that will prepare you for a satisfying career. You will work together with your classmates to learn and prepare for the challenges of today’s ever changing healthcare system. You will train on state-of-the-art technology in FSW’s simulation centers before completing on-site clinical training at regional healthcare centers.

Join the thousands of FSW graduates who have benefited from experienced faculty willing to share their expertise through interactive and experiential education. FSW’s health professions programs have national reputations for excellence in education.

A program in the Health Sciences Pathway may be for you if you:

  • enjoy helping people
  • learn well in a small team environment
  • are adaptable to change
  • thrive in a challenging, fast-paced environment
  • like technology
  • If you are interested in Pre-Med or Pre-Vet, explore the Science, Engineering & Math pathway.
  • Explore the many options within the Health Sciences pathway. There are multiple professions that may be of interest and can support an effective plan “B”.
  • Attend program information sessions.
  • Be prepared to earn high grades in general education or program specific courses.
  • Prepare with programmatic knowledge to perform well during the interview process. 
  • Have conversations with students in the program, professionals in the field, or recent grads. 
  • Know the application deadlines and requirements by visiting the program web pages frequently.
  • Be prepared to have proof of health insurance.
  • Be prepared to have a drug screening and background check completed. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the costs associated with the program.
  • Understand the time commitment and schedules associated with your program. Most programs in health science are full-time, Monday thru Friday, and require travel to clinical and field internship sites.
Limited Access Programs

Most of the programs in the Health Sciences pathway are limited access (due to accreditation requirements, clinical availability, and lab-to-student ratios, programs accept a limited number of students annually). For these programs, you must complete prerequisite courses and meet all application requirements prior to applying to the specific program.

On-Campus Simulation Labs & Clinics

Our on-campus simulation labs give you the opportunity to participate in simulation training throughout your chosen program including simulation days that allow students from different programs such as EMS, Nursing, Respiratory, and Cardio to work together.

If you pursue a Dental Hygiene degree, you will have the opportunity to learn hands-on with real patients while helping community members through low-cost dental services at the Dental Clinic at the FSW Lee Campus.

Explore the programs in this Pathway by selecting where you'd like your program to lead you.

If You Want to...

Then You Should Explore...

Transfer to a University or complete your bachelor's at FSW AA Transfer Pathways
Enter the workforce or pursue specialized bachelor's degrees Associate in Science (AS) Degree Programs
Enter the workforce or pursue advanced degrees Bachelor's (BAS or BS) Degree Programs
Enhance skills for a specific job Certificate (CCC, ATC, PSAV) Programs

AA Transfer Pathways

If you want to transfer to a University or complete your bachelor's at FSW, an Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored so you can transfer into any major in the State University System.


Associate in Science (AS) Programs

If you want to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or have an interest in pursuing a specialized bachelor's degree program, one of these two-year degree programs might be for you.

Cardiovascular Technology

Dental Hygiene

Emergency Medical Services Technology

Fire Science Technology

Health Information Technology


Radiologic Technology

Respiratory Care

Certificate Programs

If you want to enhance your skills for a specific job, this type of program might be for you. CCCs require fewer credits and they may apply to an associate degree.

Computed Tomography (ATC)

Emergency Medical Technician (CCC)

Fire Fighter I/II (PSAV)

Medical Information Coder/Biller (CCC)

Paramedic (CCC)

Bachelor of Science or Applied Science (BS or BAS) Programs

If you want to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or have an interest in pursuing advanced degrees (masters, doctorate), this four-year degree obtained by completing 60 hours of general education courses (usually an AA or an AS) followed by 60 hours of major specific coursework might be for you.

Cardiopulmonary Sciences


Customize your own path!

Our Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored to prepare you for ANY bachelor's degree program. Contact one of our champions for more information.

If you are interested in Pre-Med or Pre-Vet, explore the Science, Engineering & Math pathway.

For questions about this Pathway, contact one of our Champions!

Cassie Billian

Director, Emergency Services

Kathy Blades

Professor, Nursing, RN to BSN

Carrie Carty

Professor, Nursing

Sarah Hamula

Student Success Advisor II

Jean Newberry

Program Director, Respiratory Care

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