Humanities, Communication & Global Studies Pathway

Humanities, Communication & Global Studies pathway.

Elevate Your Opportunities to Connect

Pursue your dream career in international relations, communication studies, foreign service, travel and tourism, journalism, public relations, corporate communication, or other fields where broad knowledge of the world and strong communication skills are vital.

"I have a power when it comes to writing. I wanted to share other people's stories because their stories deserve to be told."

- Amy Enberg, FSW Student and Future Journalist

Humanities focuses on the particular historical periods, media, or themes, and examines the relationship between different types of cultural production (art, literature, drama, music, film, etc.), society, politics, and history. 

Communication involves the academic study and practice in the use of written, verbal, and nonverbal communication to effectively interpret and produce information for internal and external publics. This pathway provides graduates with tools critical to communicating effectively in an ever-changing global workplace. Effective communication skills are essential for every field of work and this pathway is a strong building block to develop these skills. Check out these resources for more information about studying communication:

Crossing over into multiple areas, Global Studies includes study in the humanities, intercultural communication, languages, political science, international relations, and history.

As a Humanities, Communications & Global Studies student, you will have the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program through the FSW Center for International Education where you can gain enhanced perspective of the world, learn about new cultures, gain a deeper awareness of yourself, and make lifelong friends around the world.

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If you want to transfer to a University or complete your bachelor's at FSW, an Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored so you can transfer into any major in the State University System.

Humanities Majors Foster Employable Skills

"Employers are looking for graduates with skills the humanities foster, such as critical thinking and ethical judgment. Humanities graduates are well-positioned to meet employers' needs and succeed in a variety of occupations." - National Humanities Alliance

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Our Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored to prepare you for ANY bachelor's degree program. Contact one of our champions for more information.

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Humanities & Honors Scholar Program

Dr. Wendy Chase

Program Coordinator & Humanities Professor

Courtney Daniels

Staff Assistant

Communication & Journalism

Dr. Jennifer Summary

Professor of Communication Studies

Joanna Liebelt

Student Success Advisor II & Communication Studies Professor

English Language & Literature

Professor Tim Bishop

Faculty Librarian, Communication & Engagement

Peter Van Leeuwen

Electronic Resources Coordinator

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