Social Media Communication, CCC

Step Into the World of Digital Communication

Dive into the rapidly evolving world of digital communication with Florida SouthWestern State College's Social Media Communication Certificate. This program is tailored for those eager to master media communication, marketing, and public relations across diverse platforms, including print, television, the internet, and social media. 


Completion of the Social Media Communication certificate will help prepare students for positions such as:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Content Creator
  • Public Relations (PR) Specialist
  • Brand Manager
  • Community Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Media Planner


Applicants interested in this certificate should possess:

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Technological Proficiency
  • Analytical, Creative, and Critical Thinking
  • Organizational, Interpersonal, and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Adaptability

What We'll Teach You

The curriculum of this certificate focuses on teaching students:

  • Media Literacy
  • Writing and Composition
  • Technical Communication
  • Web Design Basics
  • Fundamentals of Communication Studies
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing and SEO
  • Public Relations Skills

Program Information

Duration: The Social Media Communication Certificate consists of 18 credit hours and can be completed in 1 - 7 semesters depending on how many courses students prefer to take at once.

Curriculum: Courses taught in this certificate include Composition I, Technical Communication, Web Design I, Basic Reporting, Survey of Mass Communication, and Fundamentals of Communication Studies.

Degrees & Certificates

The Social Media Communication Certificate can be completed concurrently with an Associate in Arts degree which is the desired degree for seamless transfer to complete a bachelor's degree at another Florida state college or university. FSW also offers bachelor's degree options such as our Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management which pairs well with a career path towards marketing and media management.

Academic and Career Pathways

FSW's Academic and Career Pathways are structured educational plans that guide students through their courses towards specific career goals, providing a clear route to employment or further education and making their studies more efficient and focused.

Explore the exciting world of Humanities, Communication, and Global Studies at Florida SouthWestern State College, home to our Social Media Communication Certificate. This pathway enriches your understanding of cultures, media, and global interactions, preparing you for a multitude of career options.

By following this pathway, you'll ensure that your courses align perfectly with your career goals, whether you're aiming for a role in journalism, public relations, or beyond. It's a smart way to make sure every class you take helps you on your way to success.

Curious about where this pathway could take you? Visit to discover all the opportunities that await you. Start your journey with us today and step into a future filled with possibilities!

How to Apply

Prospective students should check FSW's admission portal for application guidelines and submit their application along with the necessary documents. Once you are accepted, you will be assigned an advisor who will help you register. 

If you are interested in the Social Media Communication Certificate, you can apply directly the certificate if you are not planning to pursue another degree. You can also apply to the Associate in Arts degree in General Studies and speak with your advisor about staying on track to receive the certificate as part of your studies.


Jennifer Summary, Ph. D.

Chair, Communication Studies & Foreign Languages Professor, Communication Studies 239-489-9020