Performing & Visual Arts Pathway

Performing & Visual Arts pathway.

Elevate Your Creativity

Cultivate your talent and build a rewarding career with classes tailored to your artistic passion - all as part of a degree or certificate from FSW!

The Performing & Visual Arts pathway will provide you with the knowledge and skills to begin or elevate your career in visual and fine arts. Fine arts courses include basic design, ceramics, drawing, film studies and editing, painting, photography, theatre, and more and will provide you with the basis for transfer to a four-year arts program.

"Having the hands-on experience... being able to be with a professor who is very knowledgeable and work with your classmates is invaluable."

Performing & Visual Arts may be for you if you want to:

  • explore your creativity and self-expression within the Arts
  • engage in hands-on learning experiences and collaborate across all Arts disciplines
  • participate in internships and study abroad opportunities

In addition to courses required for the programs listed below, FSW also offers theatre and classical visual arts classes such as drawing and painting.

Explore the programs in this Pathway by selecting where you'd like your program to lead you.

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AA Transfer Pathways

If you want to transfer to a University or complete your bachelor's at FSW, an Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored so you can transfer into any major in the State University System.

Visual & Fine Arts

Associate in Science (AS) Programs

If you want to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or have an interest in pursuing a specialized bachelor's degree program, one of these two-year degree programs might be for you.

Digital Art and Multimedia Production

Music Production and Technology

College Credit Certificate (CCC) Programs

If you want to enhance your skills for a specific job, this type of program might be for you. CCCs require fewer credits and they may apply to an associate degree.

Audio Technology

Digital Media/Multimedia Production

Stage Technology

Arts @ FSW

Want to check out an upcoming student performance or visit one of our on-campus galleries or Arts halls? Arts @ FSW has all the information you need to know about the art and cultural offerings at FSW.

Customize your own path!

Our Associate in Arts (AA) degree can be tailored to prepare you for ANY bachelor's degree program. Contact one of our champions for more information.

For questions about this Pathway, contact one of our Champions!

Emilie Booth

Student Success Advisor II

Kelly O'Neil

Music Department Instructional Assistant

Mike Molloy

Professor, Audio Technology

Dana Roes

Professor, Art

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