Strategic Risk Team

Mission Statement: The Strategic Risk Team supports a safe, secure, and healthy environment at Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW). By fostering a strong awareness of safety, security, and the College’s risk exposures, the Strategic Risk Team identifies risk exposures and safety and security concerns, develops solutions, and makes recommendations to appropriately address the concerns. Philosophy: Strategic risk assessments, which includes addressing campus safety and security as well as other risk exposures, is an ongoing cooperative effort of the Florida SouthWestern State College community. Purpose: 1. To identify safety concerns, which include physical hazards present on College premises as well as College operational processes that may result in injuries or security risks. 2. To analyze each risk in terms of physical hazards to College employees, students, vendors, and guests and in terms of liability exposure to the College. 3. To evaluate and prioritize each risk in an annual work plan 4. To develop and execute reasonable solutions to treat or mitigate the risks according to the workplan 5. To monitor and review the effectiveness of the Team’s solutions. 6. To promote safety awareness among College employees and students. Operational Objectives: 1. The Strategic Risk Team will meet twice per term in the Fall and Spring. 2. The Team will develop an annual workplan to prioritize concerns it intends to address. 3. The Team will work collaboratively with College departments. 4. The Team will promote best practices and may recommend safety training. 5. The Team may advise faculty, staff, and students on how to report safety concerns. 6. The Team will review campus safety procedures and make recommendations. 7. The Team will record all meeting minutes.