What is Service Learning?

There are many definitions of service-learning but all reflect the principles captured in this definition from the Campus Compact National Center for Community Colleges, Service-learning is a teaching method which combines community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical, reflective thinking and civic responsibility. Service-learning programs involve students in organized community service that addresses local needs, while developing their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility, and commitment to the community.

Practicing teachers at all levels have obligations outside of the classroom whether it is committee work, tutoring, club sponsor or other. Many unique opportunities are presented to Florida SouthWestern State College’s School of Education from community organizations such as WGCU, SWF reading council, local schools, lee county art fest and others. In order for these partnerships to be successful we must have student support. This is a perfect learning experience for our students as they choose an initiative that they are interested in. This mirrors the process they will have once they become teachers in the schools. Florida SouthWestern State College’s school of education feels that this is one more way that our graduates will be better prepared for their career choice.