Frequently Asked Questions

wēpa - print away.

What is my username?

  • Your username is typically your full FSW email address.

What is my password?

  • Your password is the same as your Portal password.

Is there a file size limit for uploaded documents?

  • Yes, 20 MB. This limit applies only to documents uploaded to the wēpa™ website, not print jobs sent from an application or printed directly from a kiosk with a USB drive.

If I upload a document to be printed, how much time do I have to print my document at the wēpa™ kiosk?

  • 24 hours. After that time, the document is deleted from the wēpa™ system; however, if that happens, you can simply upload your document again.

What forms of payment are accepted?

  • BUC Card – Campus BUC$ and wēpa™ account. Kiosks do not accept cash.

wēpa™ Customer Service 1-800-675-7639