Paying for Prints

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2 Ways to Pay for Your Prints

  • Pay with your BUC Card by loading money on it at the Cashier or Online.
  • Use a Credit or Debit card to open a Non-Refundable wēpa™ account.

Use your BUC Card by loading Campus BUC$!

  1. Add value to your BUC Card at the Cashier’s Office or Online
  2. Swipe your BUC Card at the wēpa™ Kiosk for payment
  3. The cost of your print job will be deducted directly from your Campus BUC$ account

Visit the BUC Card Page for more information.

Place Funds into your wēpa™ Account via WEPANOW.COM

  1. Go to and login to your wēpa™ account using your FSW email address and Portal password
  2. Select "Deposit Funds"
  3. Enter the required information and click "Submit"
Two ways to pay. 1. Pay with your buc card by loading money on it at the cashier or online. 2. Use a credit or debit card to open a non-refundable wepa account.


Black & White Color
Single-Sided 10¢ 45¢
Duplex (Double-Sided) 18¢ 75¢

wēpa™ Customer Service 1-800-675-7639