Tobacco Free Policy

Florida SouthWestern State College is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy, comfortable, and productive learning environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Research findings show that tobacco use in general, including smoking and breathing secondhand smoke, constitutes a significant health hazard. Therefore, Florida SouthWestern State College declares the College to be a Tobacco-Free organization and sets the following rules regarding tobacco use.

FSW prohibits the use of all tobacco products on campus, at all institution-sponsored off-campus events, and in all campus-owned vehicles. For purposes of this policy, “tobacco use” means the personal use of any tobacco product, whether intended to be lit or not, which shall include but not be limited to smoking, as well as the use of an electronic cigarette or any other device intended to simulate smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco, including snuff; chewing tobacco; smokeless pouches; any other form of loose-leaf, smokeless tobacco; and the use of cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco.

FSW also prohibits the sale of tobacco and the advertising and promotion of tobacco products on campus. In addition, FSW prohibits tobacco industry sponsorship of campus events, scholarships, faculty positions, employee recruitment, and College related business. This policy eliminates tacit approval of under-age tobacco use and lessens grounds and maintenance burdens. College personnel have established reasonable expectations and will issue warnings to violators while offering active education programs.

FSW believes it is critical to educate students and prepare them for a future in which many employers restrict or prohibit smoking entirely. The College provides free, accessible smoking-cessation information and publicizes its availability.

Student violators will be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action, and College employees will be referred to their supervisor. Organizers and attendees at public events, such as conferences, meetings, public lectures, social and cultural events, using College facilities will be required to abide by the Tobacco-Free Policy. Organizers of such events are responsible for communicating this policy to attendees and for enforcing this policy.