Travel & Expense

This website is to help you navigate the travel reimbursement process. Current travel expense information such as policies, procedures and user guides can be found here.

Travel expense reimbursement is a two-step process. First authorizing the travel and expenditures for travel and second reimbursement of expenses to the traveler. Employees must complete a Travel Authorization (TA) and Travel Reimbursement (TR) through the on-line Travel and Expense management module.

The Travel & Expense Management Module is a comprehensive solution for managing travel and expense activity. It can encumber reimbursable travel funds, authorize expenditures, process reimbursements, store supporting documentation electronically and receive electronic approvals all from the web.


Kassandra L. McCleary, Travel Specialist
239-489-9442 ext. 11442

Ana Maria Cardona, Accounting Coordinator
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