All College Operating Procedures

COP # Title Area
02-0201 Soliciting Media Coverage Marketing and Media
02-0202 Media Inquiries Marketing and Media
02-0205 Requests to Advertise to Students, Faculty and Staff Marketing and Media
03-0102 Department Chairs Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0201 AITF Process Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0302 Program Evaluations Review Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0304 Student Surveys Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0403 Standing Committee Process Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0602 Class Attendance, Excused Absence Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0603 Class Scheduling Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0604 Common Course Syllabus Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0605 Course Deletions - 5 Year Rule Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0606 Instructional Materials Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0609 Authorized Individuals in Classroom Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0612 Individualized Study Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0614 Recording Classroom Lectures Policy Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0702 University Partnerships Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0801 Faculty Certification for Modalities with Online Instruction Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0802 Course Development and Course Redesign for Courses Requiring Online Content Academic Affairs/Provost
03-0805 General Course Operating Procedures for Modalities with Online Instruction Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1004 Final Exam Schedule Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1101 Adjunct and Concurrent Faculty (Orientation, Supervision, Professional Development, and Evaluation) Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1105 Faculty Office Hours Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1106 Faculty Qualifications and Credentialing Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1107 Faculty Reassignment Time Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1109 Faculty Senate Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1112 Faculty Professional Development (FPD) Fund Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1301 Learning Resources Circulation Policies Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1402 Conflict of Interest (Academic Standards) Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1403 Copyright Intellectual Property Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1501 FTE Waivers to International Students Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1503 Student Honesty Policy Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1601 Institutional Review Board Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1604 SACSCOC Substantive Change Procedure Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1701 Students Records Policies and Procedures Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1712 Release of Student Information Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1713 Priority Registration Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1714 Credit Review Academic Affairs/Provost
03-1715 Annual Calendar Procedure Academic Affairs/Provost
01-0103 DBOT Agenda Item Due Dates and Procedures District BOT and President
01-0104 Accessibility and Anti-Harassment District BOT and President
01-0105 Service Animals District BOT and President
01-0109 President Award for Exemplary Service District BOT and President
01-0110 Low Powered Vehicles District BOT and President
01-0111 Fundraising District BOT and President
07-0701 Receiving Facilities Planning and Management
07-0702 Building Construction Code Compliance Facilities Planning and Management
07-0707 Performance of Preventative Maintenance Facilities Planning and Management
07-0710 Processing of Motor Vehicle Certification Checklist Facilities Planning and Management
07-0712 Processing of Work Order Facilities Planning and Management
07-0715 Release of Drawings to other FSW Dept or Outside Agents Facilities Planning and Management
04-0101 Check Request Financial Services
04-0102 Travel Procedures Financial Services
04-0103 Recording Gifts In-Kind Transfers from the Foundation Financial Services
04-0105 Accountability for College Owned Property Financial Services
04-0106 Check Stop Payment Reissue Financial Services
04-0107 Independent Contractors Agreement Financial Services
04-0203 College Credit Cards Financial Services
04-0301 Student Fee Exemptions Financial Services
04-0302 Establishment and Revision of Tuition and Student Fees Financial Services
04-0303 Deferred Payment of Fees and Third Party Billing Financial Services
04-0304 Fees Paid by Credit or Debit Card Financial Services
04-0305 Dishonored Checks Financial Services
04-0306 Past Due Accounts Financial Services
04-0307 Student Fee Waivers Financial Services
04-0308 Petty Cash Funds Financial Services
04-0309 Decentralized Cash and Check Collection Financial Services
04-0310 Refund of Student Fees Financial Services
04-0401 Budget Transfer Financial Services
04-0402 Budget Development Financial Services
04-0403 Payment to Contractors Financial Services
04-0404 Owner Direct Purchase Program Financial Services
04-0406 Grant Proposals(1) Financial Services
04-0407 Space Management Financial Services
04-0501 Expense Allowance Financial Services
04-0502 Special Pay Plan Financial Services
04-0503 Shift Differential Financial Services
04-0503 Shift Differential Financial Services
04-0701 College Club and Organization Accounts Financial Services
04-0702 Institutional Affiliations and Memberships Financial Services
04-0703 Ethical Standards for Conduct, Reporting of Known or Suspected Fraud or Improper Activities, and Whistleblower Protection Financial Services
04-0704 Funding Capital Needs Financial Services
04-0705 Promotions, Public Relations, and Hospitality of Business Guests Financial Services
04-1001 Prequalification of Contractors for Educational Facilities Construction Financial Services
04-1002 Invitation to Bid Financial Services
04-1003 Design Build RFP Construction Procurement Financial Services
04-1004 Price Quotes Financial Services
04-1005 Sole Single Source Procurement Financial Services
04-1006 Architectural Engineer Services Procurement Financial Services
04-1007 Construction Mgmt Services Procurement Financial Services
04-1008 Solicitation Protests Financial Services
04-1009 Formal Solicitation Screening Selection Process-Scoring Financial Services
04-1010 Approved Vendor List Financial Services
04-1011 Request for Purchase Financial Services
04-1012 Purchase Orders Financial Services
04-1013 Invitation to Negotiate Financial Services
04-1014 Purchasing Card Program Financial Services
02-0301 Public Records General Counsel
02-0302 Identity Theft Program General Counsel
02-0304 Workers' Compensation General Counsel
05-0102 Designation-Notification of Equity Coordinator Human Resources
05-0105 Employee Files and Transcripts Human Resources
05-0106 Employee Acceptance of State Laws College Policies and Procedures Human Resources
05-0107 Unlawful Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Complaint Procedure Human Resources
05-0201 Employment Classifications Human Resources
05-0202 Job Descriptions Human Resources
05-0302 Appointments Human Resources
05-0303 Student Employment Human Resources
05-0304 Volunteer Service Human Resources
05-0305 Employment Background Checks Human Resources
05-0306 Resignation Personnel Clearance Procedures Human Resources
05-0307 Other Employment Human Resources
05-0308 Employment of Relatives Human Resources
05-0309 Performance Management Human Resources
05-0401 Salary Administration Human Resources
05-0402 Overtime and Compensatory Time Human Resources
05-0403 Payment Schedule and Garnishments Human Resources
05-0404 Payroll Deductions Human Resources
05-0501 Scheduling Work Human Resources
05-0502 Unscheduled Closings Human Resources
05-0503 Holidays Human Resources
05-0504 Sick Leave Human Resources
05-0505 Vacation Leave Human Resources
05-0506 Other Leaves of Absence Human Resources
05-0507 Family Medical Leave Human Resources
05-0508 Telecommuting and Remote Work Human Resources
05-0601 Group Benefit Program Human Resources
05-0602 Educational Benefits Human Resources
05-0602 Educational Benefits Human Resources
05-0604 Deferred Retirement Option Program Human Resources
05-0605 Length of Service Awards Human Resources
05-0606 Retirement and Continuation of Benefits Human Resources
05-0702 Policy for Mandatory Training Human Resources
05-0802 HIV-AIDS Life Threatening Illnesses Human Resources
05-0803 Drug-Free Campus Workplace Human Resources
05-0901 Disciplinary Procedures Human Resources
05-0903 Standards of Conduct Human Resources
05-0904 Conflict of Interest Human Resources
05-1001 Reduction in Force Human Resources
06-0101 Student Admissions Policies and Procedures Student Services
06-0102 Residency for Tuition Purposes Student Services
06-0301 Financial Aid Packaging Guidelines Student Services
06-0604 Institutional Standards of Academic Progress Student Services
06-0701 Admin of Student Government Association and Student Clubs Organizations Student Services
06-0702 Student Activity Fee Student Services
06-0802 Student Code of Conduct Student Services
06-0803 Student Academic Grievance Procedure Student Services
06-0804 Student Written Complaint Non-Academic Student Services
06-0805 Substitution Policy for Students with Disabilities Student Services
02-0401 Technology Passwords Technology Services
02-0402 Non-Disclosure Agreement(1) Technology Services
02-0403 Web Site Privacy Technology Services
02-0404 Security Incidents Technology Services
02-0405 Technology Acceptable Use Technology Services
02-0406 Technology Acquisition and Replacement Technology Services
02-0407 File Sharing Procedure Technology Services
02-0408 Electronic Data Preservation Technology Services
02-0409 Email Policy Technology Services
08-0102 Funds Derived from Auxiliary Enterprises Auxiliary
08-0103 Use of Alcoholic Beverages Auxiliary
08-0104 Auxiliary Enterprises Auxiliary
08-0105 Financial Aid Bookstore Integration Process Auxiliary
08-0106 Use of College Name Marks and Seal Auxiliary
08-0801 Use of College Facilities Auxiliary
09-0101 Insurance Requirements for Vendors Service Providers and Professional Services Risk Management
09-0102 Process to Develop or Revise COP Risk Management
09-0103 College Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned Camps, Clinics, and Activities Risk Management
09-0104 College Vehicle Use Personal Vehicle Use for College Business and Drivers License Verification Risk Management