Getting your Staff/Faculty BUC Card

Here are the steps that have to be completed to get your Staff BUC Card Campus ID:

  1. You must have completed all HR processes with a start date and you have a BANNER ID # (@ followed by eight-digit number).
  2. Stand in front of a solid background (white preferred) and take a straight-on picture of yourself.
  3. The picture needs to be from the middle of your chest to a couple of inches above your head (just like the picture on the demonstration card above).
  4. Make Sure:

    • No hat or head cover on unless it is for medical or religious reasons.
    • Nothing is covering your face.
    • Your eyes can be seen in the picture (try the picture without glasses).
    • It is only you in the picture.
  5. Send an email from your BUC email ( or the email you used to apply for the position with to
  6. Send two pictures in the secure thread:

    • The photo you just took as a jpg.
    • A picture of your government issued ID (Passport, Driver’s License, or State issued ID Card) as a jpg.
  7. In the subject line enter:

    • your 8-digit BANNER ID#
    • The following exact wording “Staff BUC Card fswsecure”.
  8. In the body of the email include your mailing address if you would like the card mailed to you directly or the location on campus where your BUC Card can be sent through interoffice or intercampus mail.
  9. Once the approval process is completed, your BUC Card will be sent to you within 10 business days in an envelope from Auxiliary Services.

Staff Online Photo Submission Flyer BUC Card Agreement form *If you are replacing an existing Staff BUC Card, you will be notified that there will be a $15 replacement fee.