Campus BUC$

The Florida SouthWestern State College Campus BUC$ account is a general purpose, prepaid, declining balance purchase plan.

Campus BUC$ will allow you to make purchases at:

How it Works

  1. Add value to your BUC Card at the Cashier’s Office or Online
  2. Make purchases at

    • Bookstore (Lee, Collier, Charlotte)
    • Dining

      • The Pier Eatery in Building S
      • Dunkin in Building J
      • The Med Shed Cafe in Building AA
    • Wepa Printers (Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry/Glades Curtis Center)

      • Insert the BUC card into printer
  3. Hand the cashier your BUC Card for payment at checkout. (Bookstore & Dining)
  4. The cost of your purchase will be deducted directly from your Campus BUC$ account.
  5. Finally, check your receipt for the remaining balance in Campus BUC$.

Upon the initial deposit, the BUC Card will establish an electronic balance in the cardholder’s name. All sale transactions are debited from the BUC Card accounts electronically. The cardholder shall be responsible for observing the debit transaction at the time of the sale and for monitoring the current account balance. Each individual is responsible for managing his/her account. A BUC Card account is like cash – IT MUST BE PROTECTED.

There are no transaction charges. No interest is earned. This card is not a credit card. Purchase returns will be credited to BUC Card accounts. Cash refunds and withdrawals will not be permitted. Purchases will not be permitted with a malfunctioning card. There are no limitations on the number of times the BUC Card may be used or the dollar amount of any transaction, so long as the purchase amount does not exceed the balance of the BUC Card account.