Stipend Paperwork

FSW recognizes the hard work that goes in to mentoring our students, and each semester we offer a stipend to our mentors, depending upon their menteeā€™s level and involvement.

  • Foundation Mentors: $50 stipend offered
  • Practicum Mentors: $80 stipend offered
  • Final Internship Mentors: $300 stipend offered

In order to receive your stipend:

The Field Experience Office will e-mail all mentors halfway through each term with a packet of information on how to receive your optional stipend and the deadline by which to submit required paperwork. The paperwork includes:

Elizabeth Perdomo will send e-mail confirmation as soon as she has received all of your required stipend paperwork. Paperwork is sent for processing within two weeks of the end of our term, and requests take approximately one month to process. Checks will be mailed to the address provided on the check request.