How to Report an Incident

Filing a Complaint with College Administration

Individuals may choose not to report alleged sexual misconduct to campus officials. The College respects and supports the individual’s decision with respect to reporting; however, if information about sexual misconduct comes to the attention of the College, the College may (1) start an investigation even in the absence of a filed complaint and/or (2) notify appropriate law enforcement authorities if required or warranted by the nature of the information of which it becomes aware.

Anyone wishing to make a complaint to the College Administration should contact one of the following individuals or offices:

  • College’s Title IX Coordinator/Equity Officer is Lauren Frasser, 239-489-9253,
  • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, 239-433-6950, offices located in Building I, Room 216A
  • Human Resources Office, 239-489-9293 and offices located in building N, Room 120
  • The College Department of Campus Police, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

If any of the parties designated above is the respondent or is otherwise at issue in a complaint, or if an individual is uncomfortable making a complaint to one or more of the parties listed above, a report of alleged sexual misconduct may be made to any other party or office listed above.

If an employee of the College Department of Campus Police, the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, or the Human Resources Office receives a report of alleged Sexual Misconduct, that employee must notify the College’s Title IX Coordinator. Individuals may also file anonymous reports by completing a form online at or completing a written Sexual Assault and Misconduct Report Form and sending it to Lauren Frasser, Title IX Coordinator/Equity Officer, Florida SouthWestern State College, 8099 College Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33191.

Individuals who choose to file anonymous reports are advised that it may be very difficult for the College to follow up or take action on anonymous reports, where corroborating information is limited. Anonymous reports may be used for Clery Act data collection purposes.

No member of the College community may discourage an individual from reporting alleged incidents of sexual misconduct. No employee is authorized to investigate or resolve complaints without the involvement of the College’s Title IX Coordinator.

Filing a Complaint with Local Law Enforcement

Individuals may file a complaint directly with local law enforcement agencies by dialing 911 or reporting to the law enforcement agencies listed here. Individuals may inform law enforcement authorities about sexual misconduct and discuss the matter with a law enforcement officer without making a formal criminal complaint (or a College complaint). Individuals who make a criminal complaint may also choose to pursue a College complaint simultaneously. A criminal investigation into the matter does not preclude the College from conducting its own investigation (nor is a criminal investigation determinative of whether material sexual misconduct, for purposes of this guide, has occurred). However, the College’s investigation may be delayed temporarily while the criminal investigators are gathering evidence. In the event of such a delay, the College may take supportive measures when necessary to protect the parties and/or the College community (see available Supportive Measures section in the guide). Neither the results of a criminal investigation nor the decision of law enforcement to investigate or decline to investigate the matter is determinative of whether material sexual misconduct, for the purposes of this guide, has occurred. Individuals may contact the Title IX Coordinator, the chief student affairs officer, or the chief human resources officer for assistance in filing a complaint with local law enforcement.