Parking and Traffic Information

Traffic Regulations

Parking at Florida SouthWestern State College is regulated to provide for the safe flow of traffic, avoiding property damage (i.e., parking on the grass may damage irrigation systems) and providing access for handicapped persons, emergency vehicles and authorized persons in certain areas. Each campus has adequate parking available. Parking is permitted only in marked parking spaces.

Please be aware of parking in restricted lots/spaces which are appropriately marked with signs.

Campus maps and parking lot signs indicate where drivers may park. Students are prohibited from parking in designated staff lots.

Designated disabled parking spaces are reserved for persons who are permanently disabled. To use these spaces, students must have a special handicap permit issued by the local county license tag office.

Overnight Parking is prohibited, unless Campus Police Department has received prior notification.

The absence of "No Parking" signs does not mean that parking is allowed. Parking on the grass, along roadways, drives, curbs, sidewalks or ramps is prohibited. Parking is permitted only in paved lots or in designated parking areas. Vehicles must be parked within marked spaces. Parking diagonally or taking up two parking spaces is not permitted.

The speed limit on campus is 30 m.p.h. unless otherwise posted. Speed limit in all parking lots or service drives is 5 m.p.h.

To this end campus police officers on all Florida SouthWestern State College campuses enforce the following violations:

  • Parking on the grass
  • Parking in restricted areas (i.e., sidewalks, roadways, crosswalks, etc)
  • Parking/occupying more than one parking space
  • Blocking an entrance, driveway, loading dock
  • Parking in a no parking/restricted parking space/lot (without permit)
  • Littering
  • Parking in Fire Lanes
  • Parking in front of fire hydrant
  • Parking in a handicapped designated parking area (without permit)


Violations 1 thru 8 face a fine of $15.00 and Violation 9, Parking in handicapped area has a fine of $50.00. Fines are paid at the campus cashier’s offices. Unpaid fines will result in holds on transcripts, diplomas or registration for classes. Students who receive parking citations must pay the appropriate fine to the Florida SouthWestern State College Cashiers Office within 14 working days.

Parking Ticket Appeals

If a student chooses to appeal a ticket for violating the campus traffic regulations, he or she should contact the campus police office on campus within 14 working days to submit a written appeal to have a hearing in front of the Student Government Association Student Court for a final decision. The Student Traffic Court may uphold the ticket violation, modify or overturn the ticket.

Uniform Traffic Citations

Moving violations, i.e., speeding, reckless driving, etc. may be investigated by campus police or referred to the respective sheriff’s office.

Campus law enforcement officers may also issue state Uniform Traffic Citations for violations occurring on our campuses. These cases are handled thru the county Clerk of Courts offices: