Academic Integrity & Misconduct

Florida SouthWestern State College recognizes that adherence to high principles of academic integrity is vital to the academic function of the College. Therefore, the entire academic community shares the responsibility for establishing and maintaining standards of academic integrity. When a faculty member determines that a Violation of the FSW Academic Integrity Policy has occurred, the faculty member will notify the Student of the alleged Violation. The following actions may be taken by faculty for Students in alleged Violation of the FSW Academic Integrity Policy:

  1. Referral to the appropriate support service.
  2. Assignment of a reduced grade on the plagiarized academic exercise.
  3. Assignment of a final letter grade/reduction for the course.
  4. Assignment of an “F” for the course.

The faculty member will then send an Academic Misconduct Report, for tracking purposes, to the Office of Community Standards within 10 business days after the date in which the faculty member identifies the Violation. The Academic Misconduct Report will document the circumstances surrounding the alleged Violation and any adjustment to a grade or other action recommended by the faculty member.

Students that are found to have prior history involving a Violation of the FSW Academic Integrity Policy will be referred to the Office of Community Standards to determine the appropriate Sanctions (see the FSW Student Code of Conduct for more information regarding the Student Conduct Process). For more information on the Academic Integrity Policy please review the Student Rights and Responsibility Section of the Catalog. Tip: Always ask questions from a place of understanding and objectivity, listen, give basic advice and report any concerning information through the appropriate campus resource listed above.