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Did you know the average Floridian with an associate degree earns more than double that of those with only a high school diploma? And a bachelor's degree earns even more! Get that job, get that raise: Elevate Your Employment Opportunities with a degree from FSW.

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I am a success. FSW helped make me a success… Now I am in a career that I love doing, and I am able to support my family on my own.

- Kristina Platt, FSW Graduate

How will a degree or certification from FSW elevate you into a higher paying career?

Let us show you.

Hands-on experience prepares you for success in a career in your program of study. Rigorous training and curriculum allows some of our programs to boast 100% licensure pass rates (some for over 20 consecutive years!). Professors who still work in the field bring industry knowledge and networking connections that give you a distinct advantage when searching for a job.

Still not convinced?

Check out the job placement rates of some of our programs!

Programs with higher than an 80% job placement rate!

AS, Accounting Technology: 100% AS, Emergency Medical Services: 100% AS, Fire Science: 100% AS, Network Systems Technology: 100% AS, Social & Human Services: 100% BS, Elementary Education: 100% AS, Respiratory Care: 95% AS, Criminal Justice Technology: 94%  AS, Computer Programming & Analysis: 92%  AS, Radiologic Technology: 87%  AS, Nursing: 86%  AS, Business Administration: 86%  AS, Dental Hygiene: 83%  AS, Health Information Technology: 83% 

Overall Job Placement Rates for Associate Degree Graduates from FSW

AA degree graduates: 86% employed, 3% are seeking continued education before they start their career  AS degree graduates: 88% are employed, 7% are seeking continued education before they start their career  

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