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A great education doesn't have to come at a great cost to you. FSW's tuition is the lowest in Southwest Florida, and with scholarships and financial aid, 70% of our students graduate with no debt at all! 

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Darin Goby was planning on attending school in Iowa on a wrestling scholarship, but it was going to cost him more than $130,000. Luckily, FSW had always been on the list of schools he wanted to attend.

70% of Our Students Graduate Debt Free.

With a degree from FSW costing about half of the average of that of Florida public state universities and financial aid options, you can save money while earning a degree to help you land your dream job or transfer into your program of choice for advanced education.

There are just two steps to find out if you, too, can graduate debt free!

(They're easier than you might think!)

A college education is not out of reach during this global crisis. Apply for federal student aid for help paying your tuition with the FAFSA! Have it sent directly to FSW by using school code 001477.

FSW offers over 200 merit and need based scholarships for studentsmaking a degree from FSW even more affordable! You can apply for our scholarships as an admitted FSW student.

Don't let changes in circumstance hold you back!

If you have experienced the loss of a job, a large reduction in income, or extraordinary medical expenses, a petition for change of circumstance (reevaluation of financial aid you can receive) can be filed with FSW after you send us your FAFSA.

Enter basic information to get an estimate of your out of pocket costs

(TL;DR: #2-3 million dollars in federal financial aid is left on the table each year - find out how much you might be eligible for!)

Check out a breakdown of our tuition costs

(TL;DR: Our in-state tuition rate comes out to about $3,400 for 30 credit hours! That's about half of the average tuition cost of a state university!)

Discover more about Florida Prepaid, Bright Futures, Veterans Benefits, and our Tuition Installment Plans

(TL;DR: We will work with you to find the best ways to afford college!)

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