Faculty/Staff Project Award

The Faculty/Staff Project Award is a yearly application with the deadline falling on September 01 of every year, beginning Fall 2024. The award is intended for applicants whose projects most timely and accurately advance the mission and vision of the College as well as support the strategic priorities of FSW.

Projects must be completed within one academic year. Awards are subject to availability of funds and dollar amount awarded may be less than the requested amount. Requests are expected to not exceed $5,000. Applications submitted on time are not prioritized by date of submission, but rather on institutional goals that can shift over time. Late entries shall not receive consideration.

Application requirements:

  • Applicant must have successfully completed a minimum of one year of full-time employment with satisfactory evaluation before the deadline to have a proposal considered.
  • Project must be able to be completed no later than June 30 following award date.

Application form (link above) is to be submitted digitally prior to 4:30 p.m. on deadline date to the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research (jessica.godwin@fsw.edu or joseph.vangaalen@fsw.edu).