Welcome to the LightHouse Commons Pool!

The pool at LightHouse Commons is our newest on campus amenity on the Thomas Edison Campus and is open to all students! Our resort style pool is almost like three pools in one with a zero-depth entry, swim lanes, and areas designed for fun and relaxation. There is also a large deck area for sun bathing (and studying), a water volleyball court, as well as future space for grilling.

LightHouse Commons Pool Location

The LightHouse Commons pool is located right next to the on-campus residence hall.

Who can use the LightHouse Commons Pool?

While LightHouse Commons is only open to residents of the residence hall, all FSW students are welcome to use the LightHouse Commons pool! Please make sure that when coming to use the pool that you have your FSW BUC Card with you at all times.

If I do not live at LightHouse Commons where can I park to use the pool?

Please park behind LightHouse Commons and not in the staff parking lots in the front of the residence hall. There is parking spaces available near the pool.

Pool Rules:

  1. Swim at Your Own Risk (No Lifeguard on Duty)
  2. Pool Hours: Dawn to Dusk
  3. Bathing Load: 50 Persons at a Time.
  4. Shower Before Entering Pool.
  5. No Swimmer May Use Pool Alone.
  6. NO DIVING, Running, or Horseplay.
  7. No Food or Beverage (including alcohol and glass) Allowed in Pool or on Pool Wet Deck Area.
  8. Unless offered at a College provided/endorsed special event at the pool.
  9. No animals in pool or, except for service animals, on pool deck.
  10. Proper swimwear required.
  11. Persons with infections conditions such as colds, open sores, or eye infections, shall not be permitted in the pool. No bandages or adhesive tape on body.
  12. Do Not Swallow Pool Water; It Is Recirculated.

Weather/Operating Procedures:

  1. Lightning/Severe Weather: Pool will be cleared when lightning and/or severe weather is detected within a 10-mile radius of the pool. The pool will reopen 30 minutes after the last bolt of lightning is detected and/or severe weather has passed out of the area.
  2. Pool can be closed at any time as deemed necessary by the College (i.e. holiday breaks, storms, maintenance, special events, etc.).