How to Apply

Navigating Florida SouthWestern State College's e-Jobs Site

The following information has been compiled to help candidates navigate the job opportunities site.

Click "Search Positions" from the left hand navigation bar to search positions. Then search by campus location, position title, position type, or department. In addition, fast find buttons are located on the main job opportunities homepage for quick navigation by position type (i.e. Faculty, Staff, Temporary).

Search Results

The results of a search can be sorted in six ways: by position title, job opening date, job closing date, type of position, department, or campus. Click on the position title to view details. Options are “View” and “Apply”.


Once a position of interest has been identified, click “Apply”. The system will provide a prompt to log into the system. To apply for multiple positions, repeat the log in and “Apply” steps for each job in order to be considered.

Establish Your Identity

Click "New User" or "Returning Users."

You are considered a New User if you have not applied online previously and have not registered with a user name and a password. After selecting "New User," you will be prompted to create a user name and password. Please do not use spaces when you create a user name.

You are considered a Returning User if you have previously registered and created a user name and password. Simply click on the "Returning User" icon to submit user name and password. Upon logging into e-jobs you have the option to “Edit your application” or “View your application”. To apply with the data in the application then at the bottom of the page there is an option to select “continue with this data”, which allows the candidate to proceed and apply for a position(s).


Complete the information on the application form. Required fields are noted with an asterisk (*). Please complete the application form in its entirety.

Resume & Cover Letter

Options include: copy and paste text only (no graphics, bullets) or upload resume and cover letter. Documents can be no more than 2 mg per attachment. Attaching a resume and cover letter is optional, but highly recommended for consideration.


When the application form is complete, click "I Agree" located on the bottom of the page. Click "OK" on the message box if you want to continue with your application. Please review your information. If no edits are needed, click "Submit Application."

To edit information, click "Edit" which will return you to the application form. Enter changes as needed. Once all edits are completed, click "I Agree" and "OK." Then click "Submit Application" to finish.


You will receive confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted. If you provided an e-mail address on your application, you will also receive an e-mail confirmation. Please note that you will receive a confirmation number for each position to which you made an application.