Leadership Enrichment Program

Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida SouthWestern State College collaborate to provide an interactive leadership program to help staff and faculty enhance leadership competencies and embrace the challenges of leading in a post-secondary environment.

The Leadership Enrichment Program is designed to:

  • Increase self-awareness about individual leadership style, skills, and impact on others
  • Improve communication, conflict resolution and management skills, and relationship-building skills for inspiring, engaging and motivating other team members
  • Build campus-wide networks and increase understandings, partnerships, and alignment with FGCU's and FSW's missions

Participants will design a capstone project that demonstrates understandings about the skills learned throughout the program.


The program focuses on five themes:

  • Leaders as models. Great leaders demonstrate excellence and encourage others to follow goals, adopt principles about how others should be treated, and create opportunities for success.
  • Leaders inspire a shared vision. Great leaders have a clear vision about what the future should hold, are passionate about that ideal image, and get others excited about sharing in working towards that vision.
  • Leaders as change agents. Great leaders are innovative, take calculated risks, are strategic decision-makers, and learn from mistakes and failure.
  • Leaders as collaborators. Great leaders are strong team builders and understand the value of respect, strengthening and empowering others, and fostering collaboration.
  • Leaders are principled. Great leaders have strong, positive values and demonstrate principled decision-making and actions.


Students must commit to attending all 8 sessions.

Date Title Time Location
September 28, 2018 Team Building & Introduction to Project 9am to 4pm (Note this is the only all-day session) FSW Building U Room 107
October 12, 2018 Understanding Diversity and Inclusion 9am - noon FGCU Cohen Center Room 162
November 2, 2018 Leadership Qualities; Understanding Your Style and Your Impact on Others 9am - noon FSW Building U Room U106 & U107
November 30, 2018 Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills 9am - noon FGCU Cohen Center Room 162
January 11, 2019 Understanding Higher Education; Financial, Legislative & Legal Considerations 9am - noon FSW Room to be announced
February 8, 2019 The Importance of Community Engagement & Building Relationships 9am - noon FGCU Cohen Center Room 214
March 15, 2019 Student Engagement & Understanding the Academic Operations of a University 9am - noon FSW Room to be announced
April 5, 2019 Capstone; Presentation of Projects 9am - noon FGCU Cohen Center Room 213


Program participants must:

  • Be employed full time at Florida Gulf Coast University or Florida SouthWestern State College
  • Have at least an Associate's degree
  • Make a commitment to attend all sessions of the program
  • Have permission from their supervisor to participate in the program

Selection Criteria

Applicants must complete the application, provide a personal statement and a recommendation from their supervisor. Applicants will be selected based on their personal statements and the recommendation from their supervisor. 12 participants will be selected from both FGCU and FSW.

Download the Leadership Enrichment Program Application (PDF)

For more information please contact Susan Bronstein, Director of Human Resources at Florida SouthWestern State College at or 239-489-9357

Or contact Monique McKay, Ombuds & Assistant to the President at Florida Gulf Coast University at or at 239-590-1022

Application deadline is August 24, 2018 at noon. Applications should be sent by email to both Ms. Bronstein and Ms. McKay.


"I cannot express how much I grew as both a person and a leader during this program that seemed to move by so quickly. The information that was passed on, the networking that took place and the collaboration with such an awesome group of people made this program invaluable."

Amy S. English, M.S.
Academic Support Center Specialist, Florida Southwestern State College

"The FGCU/FSW Leadership Enrichment Program was such a valuable experience for me personally and professionally. The interactive learning experiences and discussions expanded my understanding of leadership and allowed me to learn from the other participants as well as the program facilitators. I made lasting friendships and professional contacts that will forever positively impact my life. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!"

Meredith Nassif Doupé
Director of Development, Florida Southwestern State College Foundation, Collier Campus

"The Leadership Enrichment Program is without question the most powerful experience I have had in my four years at FGCU. Informative, participatory, thought-provoking, and even gut-wrenching at times, this program will draw out the leader in you, newly enriched with wisdom and insight."

Chris Boyd
Head of Technical Services, Library Collections Management, Florida Gulf Coast University

"The Leadership Enrichment program co-sponsored with Florida Southwestern was by far the most engaging and collaborative experience in leadership development that I personally have ever taken part in. I learned so much about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and about recognizing and embracing the different leadership styles of others. I only wish that at times we had more than just a half-day session! So many great things to explore and learn about.. so little time! Thank you for a great experience!"