Leadership Enrichment Program


The Leadership Enrichment Program, formerly titled Leadership Diversity Program, is a joint program sponsored by Florida SouthWestern State College and Florida Gulf Coast University. Designed for faculty and staff interested in enhancing their leadership competencies, the program provides professional development opportunities to explore the foundations of leadership, assist in the development of leadership skills and career goals, and foster a professional network of colleagues. The specific program includes:

  • A series of interactive workshops, presented by recognized experts, on topics critical to leadership, with particular focus on higher education.
  • The development of a Career Action Plan that includes personal and professional career goals.
  • The process and value of a mentoring relationship in achieving your goals.

The Objectives of the Program

  • Help develop appropriate leadership skills necessary for leadership positions in higher education.
  • Provide supplemental educational, developmental opportunities and career and educational guidance, especially for women and ethnic minority professionals.
  • Encourage participants to interact with college and university administrators as mentors.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Full time employee at FSW or FGCU
  2. Bachelor’s degree or higher; Master’s preferred
  3. Commitment by the supervisor to support the employee’s participation as a priority
  4. Commitment to the program and regular attendance at sessions
  5. Kick off session, Finding Your Voice As a Leader
  6. Seven (7) three – hour sessions held on Fridays at the Atrium Executive Center, College Parkway and Winkler Rd.
    • Career Action Planning and Mentoring: Getting Ahead
    • Student Success: Everyone’s Responsibility
    • Communicating and Listening with Diplomacy and Trust
    • Getting Results Through Leadership
    • Embracing Diversity and Campus Culture
    • Navigating Organizational Politics in Higher Education: The Evolutions of FSW and FGCU
    • Next Steps: Moving On Up (Optional) Gender Communication