Position Types


A regular position is an authorized and established position within the College staffing plan created to satisfy a continuing and recurring workload requirement. Regular positions can be full-time or part-time.

Limited Term

A position that is established to meet a specific need for a limited period of time. Limited term faculty are defined as full-time faculty hired for no less than one full semester and no more than two academic years. For employment classifications other than faculty, limited term is defined as an employee hired for no less than 120 days and generally no more than one (1) year. Limited term positions include special assignments, contractual work, interim appointments and other positions that do not expect to have a continuing or recurring workload. Some limited term positions may receive selected benefits afforded to regular positions for the term of employment.

Grant funded

Grant funded positions may consist of regular, limited term, or temporary positions which are established through a grant and may be eliminated if the grant funding ends.

**The College follows all Florida Retirement System guidelines and applicable Florida Statute related to position status and retirement contribution eligibility.

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