Fall 2020 Course Schedule Changes: Changes are currently being made to the instructional methods (modalities) of some courses for Fall 2020. For information about the five instructional methods and how your schedule may be impacted, visit www.fsw.edu/reconnect/coursedelivery.

Status Types

Full-Time Non-Instructional

A full-time non-instructional position is established for a minimum of 37.5 hours per week.

Full-Time Instructional

Full-time Faculty positions are governed by the Collective Negotiations Agreement (CNA), but generally are scheduled to teach 15-16 hours per semester (2 semesters) or work a combination of teaching and administrative tasks, maintaining a the majority of their time in an instructional capacity. In all cases where College policy may conflict with the CNA, the CNA prevails.


A part-time position is one that is established to satisfy continuing and recurring workload requirements. A part-time position cannot be established for more than 25 hours per week without the approval of the appropriate Vice President and Director, Human Resources. Under no circumstances shall a part time position exceed 29 hours per week.

**The College follows all Florida Retirement System guidelines and applicable Florida Statute related to position status and retirement contribution eligibility.

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