Wages and Salary

As part of the annual budget approval process, the College President recommends a Wage and Salary Schedule (PDF) for all College positions to the District Board of Trustees. The schedule, as approved by the Board, is used in determining the annual, monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly compensation of College employees. Additional full‐time and part‐time positions and pay rates not listed on the annual schedule are developed and added/deleted throughout the year as the needs of the College change. The Office of Human Resources updates the annual schedule periodically throughout the fiscal year; as positions are added, adjusted or removed from the schedule.

The schedule recognizes the Florida SouthWestern State College Faculty Federation (FSWSCFF) "...as the exclusive bargaining agent for all full-time personnel on the faculty salary schedule to include (1) instructional faculty, (2) counselors, and (3) library faculty..." (Article 1, CNA). Salaries for full-time faculty, therefore, are included in this Schedule by reference to the Agreement between the District Board of Trustees and the FSWSCFF.

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