Education for a New Humanity

New Humantity: Education for a New Humanity.

Under Construction
Spring 2020 Colloquium

Florida SouthWestern's Department of Humanities and Fine Arts is proud to announce its fifth colloquium in the Education for a New Humanity series, an event designed to foster meaningful encounters with art and ideas, as our school and community join together in discussion over challenging topics. This year's theme is "Under Construction." Whether building homes or building walls, framing legal cases or bolstering defenses, creating art or synthesizing "alternative facts," our world is abuzz with projects, some serious, some spectacular, some merely suspect. After destruction, demolition, deconstruction, there comes a time to make something new—and that time seems to be now. The question is: what exactly are we building?

The 2020 Humanities Colloquium invites you to ask this—and other—questions. Join faculty, students, community members, and featured speakers as we explore what it means to be under construction in this era of uncertainty and instability. As always, our goal is to demonstrate a range of strategies and perspectives for dealing with complex questions in order to empower our students and community to engage socio-political issues with critical thought, civil discourse, a rigorous pursuit of the truth, and creative resistance. In this way the colloquium seeks not to provide facile answers for its questions, but instead seeks to provide an introductory invitation to continued contemplation and dialog.