Schedule of Events

Education for a New Humanity: Guest Speakers and Performances

Thursday, February 11th Location: Rush Auditorium (J-103)
7:00 pm Keynote Address – Jerry Casale: We Must Repeat
Friday, February 12th Location: U-102
11:00 am Dr. Amishi Jha: Contemplative Practices and Mental Training: Prospects for American Education
12:00 - 1:00 pm Reception
1:00 pm Dr. Mike McCullough: Beyond Revenge: The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct
Saturday, February 13th Location: U-102
7:00 pm Performance: NOW Ensemble
Thursday, February 18th Location: J-103
7:00 pm Mark Hosler: Adventures in Illegal Art: Creative Media Resistance, Negativland, and the Fight Not to Be Absorbed
Friday, February 19th Location: Black Box Theater L-119
8:00 pm Willie Filkowski Welcomes You To The Sunshine State
February 9th-15th Location: J-117
  Student Art Exhibition: Kirsten Pettifor

Faculty Lecture Series

Tuesday, January 19th Location: J-103
11:00 am The Rhetoric of Revolution: Art, Activism and the Pursuit of a Better Life: Dr. Wendy Chase, Professor of Humanities
Wednesday, January 27th Location: J-103
3:30 pm The Evolution of Philosophy: Dr. Russell Swanson, Professor of Philosophy
Friday, February 5th Location: J-103
11:00 am Imagine Musical Revolutions: The Politics of Pop Songs: Dr. Bruno Baltodano, Professor of Political Science
Wednesday, February 10th Location: U-118
3:30 pm Talking Circle led by Dr. Rozalind Jester, Professor of Marine Science, Nature is Queer