Graduate Salaries

Graph showing the median annual salary by types of degree earned from Florida College System institutions. This data comes from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s 2022 Economic Security Report. Note that the salaries indicated in the above graph represent salaries for those degree types across Florida College System institutions, not just at FSW. The AA degree type is not included because AA students typically go on to continue their education and do not go straight into the workforce after graduation.

Graph showing the average annual salary by FSW program. This data comes from the Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP). FETPIP data specific to FSW is utilized for the above table, but is substituted by statewide data when FSW-specific data is unavailable. Instances of statewide numbers are indicated with asterisks (*). In some cases, both FSW-specific and state numbers are unavailable. Instances of no available data are noted as such.

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor's Degrees Average Annual Full-Time Earnings
BS Nursing $84,186
BAS Public Safety Administration $75,962
BS Cardiopulmonary Sciences $74,349
BAS Supervision and Management $62,705
BAS Information Systems Technology* $61,380
BS Elementary Education $54,581

Associate Degrees

Associate Degrees Average Annual Full-Time Earnings
AS Emergency Medical Services Technology $104,683
AS Dental Hygiene $80,225
AS Fire Science Technology* $77,120
AS Respiratory Care $75,198
AS Cardiovascular Technology* $74,616
AS Nursing $69,766
AS Criminal Justice Technology $65,797
AS Architectural Design & Construction Technology* $64,360
AS Radiological Technology $64,252
AS Computer Programming and Analysis $60,912
AS Business Administration and Management $56,350
AS Science and Engineering Technology $55,740
AS Accounting Technology $54,345
AS Paralegal Studies $50,996
AS Health Information Technology* $48,320
AS Cybersecurity Operations* $47,380
AS Crime Scene Technology* $42,428
AS Network Systems Technology $42,179
AS Social and Human Services* $41,560
AS Music Production and Technology* $40,620
AS Early Childhood Education* $38,080
AS Digital Art and Multimedia Production* $37,068
AS Business Analytics No data available
AS Civil Engineering Technology No data available
AA General Studies No data available


Certificates Average Annual Full-Time Earnings
CCC Paramedic $92,421
CCC Computer Programmer* $67,932
CCC Computer Program Specialist* $65,960
Fire Fighter I/II Certificate $62,764
CCC Real Estate Paralegal* $58,476
CCC Scientific Workplace Preparation* $57,344
CCC Network Security* $56,436
CCC Business Development and Entrepreneurship* $53,976
CCC Small Business Management* $53,816
CCC Inclusion Specialization* $51,792
CCC Information Technology Support Specialist* $51,212
CCC Risk and Insurance Management* $50,400
CCC Accounting Technology Management* $50,112
CCC Emergency Medical Technician $49,647
CCC Digital Media/Multimedia Production* $49,636
CCC Homeland Security Specialist* $49,124
CCC Addiction Services* $48,496
CCC Medical Info Coder/Biller* $46,088
CCC Human Services Generalist* $41,800
CCC Youth Development Services* $41,404
CCC Stage Technology* $41,124
CCC Crime Scene Technician* $39,968
CCC Audio Technology* $37,808
CCC Preschool Specialization* $37,460
CCC Child Development Specialization* $35,892
CCC Financial Services Management No data available
CCC Network Enterprise Administration No data available
CCC Digital Forensics No data available
ACT Computed Tomography No data available

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