Graduate Salaries

*AA Degree type is not included, because AA students typically go on to continue their education and do not go straight into the workforce after graduation.

*Major no longer offered at FSW. 18-19 graduates with these majors started in a catalog year when the major was still offered.

Degree Major Median Annual Full-Time Earnings 2019-2020
Associates in Science Fire Science Technology $99,724
Emergency Medical Services $84,832
Cardiovascular Technology $65,284
Radiography $64,020
Dental Hygiene $63,288
Nursing R.N. $63,168
Respiratory Care $59,220
Network Systems Technology $47,852
Criminal Justice Technology $46,116
Accounting Technology $44,764
Computer Programming and Analysis $40,956
Civil Engineering Technology $38,796
Business Administration $36,996
Crime Scene Technology $36,300
Paralegal Studies $36,048
Health Information Technology $33,328
Architectural Design & Construction Technology $33,128
Early Childhood Education $27,772
Social and Human Services $17,952
Bachelors Cardiopulmonary Sciences $79,024
Nursing $68,536
Public Safety Administration $54,712
Elementary Education $42,856
Certificates Fire Fighter I/II $58,852
Computer Programmer $69,628
Paramedic $66,220
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) $45,284
Accounting Technology Management $45,144
Business Management $42,060
Business Development and Entrepreneurship $41,684
Computer Programming Specialist $40,956
Crime Scene Technician $36,632
Information Technology Support Specialist $35,188
Network Security $33,632
Medical Information Coder/Biller $32,996
Audio Technology $31,676

Source: The Division of Florida Colleges, Office of Research and Analytics, working with the Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP) and supporting data for the Aspen-Siemens Excellence in STEM application.

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