Reclassification Information

An individual who is initially classified as a non-resident for tuition purposes (you were previously enrolled in a Florida institution of higher education as a non-Florida Resident and paid non-Florida Resident tuition and fees; or upon admission to FSW you signed the Residency Declaration stating you were a non-Florida resident) may become eligible for reclassification to a Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes only if that individual, or his or her parent or legal guardian if that individual is a dependent, supports permanent residency in Florida by presenting documentation of establishment of bona fide domicile in this state for at least 12 consecutive months.  The burden of proof is on the student and/or the claimant to show both of the following:

  1. Proof of residency in Florida for the requisite 12 month period; and
  2. That residency in the state of Florida is/was not merely temporary or incident to enrolling in a college or university located in Florida (the claimant’s signature on  the Statement of Florida Residency certifies that the claimant satisfies this requirement in one of the eight ways listed below; additional evidence or documentation may be required.

Required Documentation

To satisfy item number 1 above, the student, or his or her parent if that student is a dependent, must provide two (2) of the following three(3) documents dated at least 12 consecutive months prior to the Proof of Florida Residency deadline.

  • Florida Driver’s License or Florida Identification Card (required)
  • Florida Vehicle Registration (must show proof of 12 consecutive months, 2 years of vehicle registrations may be required)
  • Florida Voter Registration

If the claimant does not have two of the three above documents, consideration may be given on a case-by-case basis for utilizing other documents that prove Florida residency; however, in all cases the claimant must have a Florida Driver’s License or Identification Card.

To satisfy item number 2 above, the student, or his or her parent if that student is a dependent child, certifies with their signature on the Residency Declaration form that they meet at least one of the following criteria (additional evidence or documentation may be required for meeting the requirement of reclassification):

  1. The claimant was not enrolled full time in a Florida higher education institution during the previous 12 months (Full-time during the fall, spring and summer terms as defined as 12 credits per term).
  2. The claimant has maintained a full-time permanent job in Florida during the previous 12 months.  Full-time employment is considered one or more permanent jobs for a minimum of 30 hours a week.
  3. The claimant was transferred to a full-time permanent job in Florida prior to initial enrollment as confirmed on corporate or organizational letterhead.
  4. The claimant has an immediate relative (i.e. parent or child) who is currently living in Florida and who has resided in this state for the previous 12 months.
  5. The claimant has purchased a home in Florida as primary residence (evidenced by a homestead exemption) prior to initial enrollment.
  6. The claimant has received a military discharge and established residency in Florida prior to initial enrollment.
  7. The claimant received social service benefits (i.e. disability) from the State of Florida during the previous 12 months.
  8. The claimant lost their house or other domicile in another state due to a severe natural disaster or crisis resulting in a state of emergency (i.e. hurricane or earthquake) that occurred prior to initial enrollment.