Charlotte Campus Student Engagement

The college experience is about so much more than just going to classes and studying in the library. Getting involved is a crucial element to making the most of your time at Florida SouthWestern, so check out the numerous clubs and activities here on the Charlotte Campus.

Annual events range from Welcome Week to Haunted College and Student Appreciation Day with weekly Terrific Tuesday events and countless other activities throughout the year.

I encourage each of you to check out the variety of clubs. They’re excellent for networking, gaining life experience and good old fashion fun. And don’t hesitate to contact me about starting a new club if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Be sure to check your email and the campus calendars for all upcoming events.

For more information about student activities and clubs, please contact Jessica Russell at (941) 637-5634 or .

Charlotte Campus Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Nurses Association +

Student Nurses Association is an organization comprised of nursing students that promote wellness in the community. They volunteer at community health and wellness fairs and assist with health screenings in the grade schools.

Advisor: Barbara Ward

Advisor: Judith Sweeney

Student Government Association +


We want to hear your voice!

Membership is open to all Florida SouthWestern State College Students.

The purpose of SGA:

Provide a voice for the student body

Act as a service organization for Florida SouthWestern State College

Act as a liaison between administration and students

Advisor: Jessica Russell

Cultural Ars Club +

The Florida SouthWestern Cultural Arts Club encourages cultural awareness through museum visits, plays, operas, concerts and fine dining experiences.

Advisor: Natala Orobello

Club SERV +

The purpose of Club SERV is to provide encouragement and support for students of Florida SouthWestern State College to promote responsibility within both their social life and their environment through volunteer activities.

Advisor: Blake Schmidt

Circle K International +

The purpose of the Circle K International Club is to provide an opportunity for students of Florida SouthWestern State College to be involved in campus and community service, while developing quality leaders and citizens.

Advisor: Penny Olivia

Phi Theta Kappa +


The purpose of the Alpha Tau Eta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Florida SouthWestern State College, Charlotte, shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of the College.

Advisor: Professor Dawn Kulpanowski

Political Club +

The Political Club shall be dedicated to the study and the understanding of The Constitution, the importance of a free democratic nation, the political process, voter empowerment and enlightenment. We will be scheduling activities that support these concepts based on the actual interests of the students.

Our Motto is:

“Do something today so you will have a tomorrow.”

Advisor: Dr. Carol Roark

Art Club +

The purpose of the Drawing and Painting Art Club is to allow students to work on and submit their own original pieces of art, as well as participate in local art events.

Advisor: Brenda Hussey

Military Appreciation Club +

The Military Appreciation Club is to honor and support all military, active or retired. We work to support current active duty military with care packages and other things they would enjoy while being away from home. We also work to honor retired military for their service.

Advisor: Dr. Carol Roark

S.A.L.T. Club (Faith Based) +

Advisor: Alexandra Andrews

Multi-Cultural Club +

Advisor: Clive Price

Anime Club +

Advisor: Angie Rademaker