Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment Mission

Florida SouthWestern State College is focused on advancing student learning at the course, department/program, and institutional levels. The assessment of student learning, the interpretation of the results of assessment, and the use of those findings requires the participation of the students, faculty, administrators and staff individually and collectively. At Florida SouthWestern State College, these stakeholders engage in assessment to inform improvement, measure achievement, and make curricular and programmatic decisions in a continuous cycle of data-driven innovation.

Eileen DeLuca

, Ph.D.
Acting Provost, Academic Affairs

Caroline Seefchak

, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
Chair, Learning Assessment Committee

Joseph van Gaalen

, Ph.D.
Asst. VP of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness

D’ariel Barnard

Academic Assessment Analyst

Don Ransford

Professor of Mathematics
Chair, General Education Advisory Council