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General Education Assessment

During AY 2014-15, FSW initiated a revised assessment of the General Education Program. Throughout the process, the AAC&U Value Rubrics and one in-house rubric were utilized to score voluntarily submitted artifacts. Beginning in AY 2017-18, courses which were identified by faculty of that discipline as "Integral" can be randomly selected to provide an assignment which the instructor feels is appropriate to meet that competency for General Education Assessment for that year. This random selection plan was developed by the Learning Assessment Committee (LAC). The random selection and outreach to instructors occurs in mid-to-late September of each AY.

At the April 2019, LAC meeting, the committee voted to assess the "Research" and "Analyze" General Education Competencies during AY 2019-20. In the assessment plan, courses which were identified by faculty of that discipline as "Research" or "Analyze" at the integral level can be randomly selected for General Education Assessment during Fall 2019 as part of the AY 2019-20 assessment plan. Under the new plan outlined by the LAC, if a course is listed below it means that one or more sections of the course may be randomly selected to provide an assignment which the instructor feels is appropriate to meet that competency. The random selection and outreach to instructors occurs in the 3rd week of September.

Another point of interest in this assessment year is that the "Research" competency will be the first to utilize the new FSW GenEd Rubrics, written by a select core of volunteers from the LAC over the past three summers. Concomitantly, the "Analyze" competency will be the last to utilize an adopted rubric such that the LAC can write an FSW version in Summer 2020.


  • School of Arts, Humanities & Social Science: ENC 1101, JOU 1990, JOU 1991
  • School of Business & Technology: BCN 4703, CGS 1000, CTS 2321, CJC 1000, CJE 2600, COP 3337, DSC 1006, ENT 3003, ENT 3172, ENT 4004, HFT 1000, HFT 2600, MAN 3641, MAN 4402, MAN 4701, MAN 4723, MAR 3231, PAD 3204, PAD 4426, PAD 4878, PLA 1103, PLA 2114, PLA 2610, SBM 2000, SLS 1301, SUR 2140, TAX 2000, TAX 2401, TRA 1430
  • School of Education: EDE 4220, EDF 2005, EDG 3410, EEX 1013, ETD 1320, ETD 1530
  • School of Health Professions: CVT 2920, DEH 2300, DEH 2400, FFP 1510, FFP 1540, FFP 1824, FFP 2301, FFP 2706, FFP 2770, NUR 3125, NUR 4165, RET 2930, RET 4050, RET 4715
  • School of Pure & Applied Science: BSC 1086C, ESC 1000C, IDS 2910
  • Libraries: LIS 2004


  • School of Arts, Humanities & Social Science: AML 2010, AML 2020, ARH 1000, ARH 1050, ARH 1051, ART 1201C, ART 1203C, ART 1300, ART 1301C, ART 1330C, ART 2012C, ART 2205C, ART 2500C, ART 2527C, ART 2750C, ART 2751C, CRW 2001, CRW 2300, DIG 2205C, DIG 2251C, DIG 2280C, DIG 2284C, EAP 0340, EAP 0440, ENC 1102, ENG 1102, FIL 1000, FIL 2001, FIL 2432C, HUM 1950, HUM 2410, HUM 2950, LIT 2000, LIT 2090, LIT 2110, LIT 2120, Designations of MUE, MUH, MUL, MUM, MUN, MUS, MUT, MVB, MVJ, MVK, MVP, MVS, MVV, MVW, PGY 1800C, PGY 1801C, PGY 2401C, PGY 2404C, THE 1000, THE 1925, THE 2100, THE 2925, TPA 120, TPA 1290, TPA 2291, TPP 1110, TPP 1111, TPP 1606, TPP 2300
  • School of Business & Technology: AVM 2120, CJE 2671, CJJ 2002, CJL 2100, COP 1822, COP 3655, CTS 1133, ETD 1103, GEB 4375, ISM 3113, MAN 2582, MAN 3864, MAR 2011, PAD 3113, PAD 3820, PLA 2200
  • School of Education: CHD 1220, EDF 4872, EEC 2521, LAE 4464
  • School of Health Professions: FFP 0010C, FFP 0020C, FFP 1000, FFP 1825, HSC 4652, RET 2930, RET 4715, RET 4933
  • School of Pure & Applied Science: MAS 4301, MGF 1106, MTG 2206

Support for General Education Assessment and course-level assessment is provided by:

, Asst. VP of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness

Coordinator of Assessment, Effectiveness, and Accountability
, Coordinator, Grants & Assessment

Previous General Education Assessment Plans


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