Course Level Assessment

At Florida SouthWestern State College, faculty engage in course-level assessment to inform improvement, measure achievement and make curricular and programmatic decisions.

Curricular Assessment

  • Determining achievement of student learning outcomes and success of courses
  • Choosing instructional methods and strategies
  • Deciding whether to increase or decrease time or emphasis on student learning outcomes
  • Selecting texts or material
  • Determining a focus for professional development
  • Improving assignments to better align with stated outcomes

Programmatic Assessment

  • Determining course sequence and necessary prerequisites
  • Demonstrating preparedness of program completers
  • Determining budgetary focus
  • Measuring achievement of stated goals and outcomes and demonstrating efficacy of courses and programs

Support for General Education Assessment and course-level assessment is provided by:

, Asst. VP of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness
, Academic Assessment Analyst