Mission and Values


The mission of the Florida SouthWestern State College’s Honors Scholar Program is to offer students an enriched and challenging educational experience that extends learning beyond the classroom. We strive to cultivate academic excellence, skillful leadership, and commitment to social responsibility. As a rigorous, transdisciplinary program, we inspire students to seek out transformative experiences and participate in the world in new ways.


Independent Knowledge-Seeking

Our program develops intellectual curiosity that leads to exemplary independent research and consistent engagement with the outside world. Honors scholars cultivate their own ability to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals.

Intellectual Risk-Taking

Our program creates a safe and supportive environment that encourages students to accept intellectual challenges, embrace uncertainty, and learn from mistakes. Our courses and extra-curricular activities facilitate both independent thought and collaborative engagement for intellectual growth.

Cultural Empathy

Our program teaches students to inhabit respectfully the positions of others and to be open to diverse perspectives. Honors scholars practice charitable dialogue to broaden their understanding of cultural interconnectedness and awareness of how individuals and societies are shaped by socio-political factors.

Engaged Stewardship

Our program engenders social responsibility and a commitment to activism. Honors scholars are encouraged to explore multiple perspectives and take appropriate action for the good of the local and global community.

Global Problem-Solving

Our program cultivates awareness of how individual and local actions resonate on a global scale. Through our coursework and extracurricular activities, students identify their role in the international community and are encouraged to create solutions for global challenges.

Creative Engagement

Our program offers a platform for the discovery and cultivation of creative potential so that students make meaningful intellectual and aesthetic contributions to society. Honors scholars trust the revision process and acknowledge the value of the continual refinement of ideas.

Discourse Versatility

Our program teaches students to communicate discipline-specific content to diverse audiences. Honors scholars hone these skills in academic and professional forums where they engage with the broader intellectual community.